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What is the ramp

The word "train" has many meanings.

It is used in different areas: air transport, sea and river transport, and other extreme sports.

Ramps called completely different in purpose and design tools.

For many people, the word "ramp" is associated onlywith theatrical lighting fixtures. Those who have been in these palaces of culture, could not miss the powerful special lamps for illumination of the scene. This lighting is usually hidden from the public for a low border, located on the edge of the stage. But what happens from there its coverage, it is impossible not to notice. So, the first meaning of the word "train" - a theatrical lighting fixture.

What else stands for "ramp"

To facilitate the loading and unloading to the warehouse wall parked site that its second side suited to the track. This railway ramp.
Tilt design that facilitates entry and exittransport is also called the word. A synonym for a "ramp" is a "ramp". This word is more usual to refer to such sites. Automotive sloping design is open and closed, ie. In the second case, there are walls or borders which serve as the site boundary.
In some types of extreme sports, toocan meet the design, called the word. For example, in skateboarding have special buildings for training, made in the form of flat areas. The reason for them is a durable wood species, or metal. To cover the surface of a ramp used manufactured specifically for this purpose materials.
When loading and unloading luggage from planes toooperated device of the same name. It is located in the nose or tail of the fuselage and is mechanically operated hatch. He falls to the concrete pad level, receives the load and raises it to the aircraft door. Severe types of military and other equipment (such as armored personnel carriers), can be loaded into air transport exclusively with aviation ramp.
The pad on the quays of the sea and river transport, designed for loading and unloading, and called the ramp, and the ramp.
smooth connection of roads or parts of engineering structures which are located at different altitude levels, also called ramp.
Outdated meaning of the word - the fort. He served as a soldier shoots to the walls of the fortress and the transport of weapons.

"Ramp" in print

The magazine came out in Russia at the end ofthe first decade of the 20th century. Similarly, the application was called to the magazine "Art work", which was issued in the mid 20-ies of the last century. From 1909 to 1918, in Moscow, he published a well-known magazine among the intelligentsia, who surveyed the theatrical life of the capital. The publication was illustrated, colorful and enjoyed great popularity.
Ramp - the theatrical pseudonym of the English writer Henry Hoskin. He is the author of many books on esoteric and mysticism.

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