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What is a ramp


What is a ramp</a>

The word "ramp" has many meanings.

It is used in various fields: air transportation, sea and river transport, extreme sports, etc.

The ramp is called absolutely different in design purpose and devices.

Many people associate the word "ramp" onlyWith theatrical lighting. Those who visited these palaces of culture could not help noticing the special powerful lamps intended for highlighting the stage. This lighting equipment is usually hidden from the public behind a low border, located on the edge of the stage. But the fact that it is from there is its coverage, it is impossible to notice. So, the first meaning of the word "ramp" is a theatrical lighting device.

What else does the "ramp" mean

To facilitate loading and unloading works, a pad is attached to the walls of the warehouses, which, with its second side, approaches the railway tracks. This is a railway ramp.
Sloping design facilitating entry and exitMotor transport is also called this word. The synonym for such a "ramp" is the "ramp". This word is more common for denoting such sites. The car inclined design can be open and closed, that is. In the second case, it has walls or borders, which serve as the boundary of the site.
In some kinds of extreme sports, tooYou can meet the construction, called this word. For example, in skateboarding there are special buildings for training, made in the form of flat sites. The basis for them is either a solid wood or metal structures. To cover the surface of such a ramp, materials produced specifically for this purpose are used.
When loading and unloading luggage from aircraft, tooThe device with the same name is used. It is located in the bow or tail of the fuselage and is a hatch with a mechanical control. He descends to the level of the concrete platform, takes the load and lifts it up to the aircraft compartment. Heavy types of military and other equipment (for example, armored personnel carriers) can be loaded into air transport solely with the use of an aviation ramp.
The site on the piers of sea and river transport, designed for loading and unloading operations, is called both ramp and ramp.
Smooth connection of roads or parts of engineering structures, which are located at different altitude levels, is also called a ramp.
The obsolete meaning of this word is fort. He served for the shoots of soldiers to the walls of the fortress and the delivery of guns.

Rampa in print media

The magazine of the same name was published in Russia at the endThe first decade of the 20th century. Similarly, the appendix to the magazine "Artistic work", which was issued in the mid-20-ies of the last century, was called. From 1909 to 1918 in Moscow was published a well-known among the intelligentsia magazine, which reviewed the theatrical life of the capital. The edition was illustrated, colorful and enjoyed great popularity.
Rampa - theatrical pseudonym of the English writer Henry Hoskin. He is the author of many books on esoteric and mysticism.

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