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HowIs a heating battery better


Which radiator is better</a>

And really, what heating radiators are considered the best now?

Or is there no such assessment criterion, and everything depends only on the specific operating conditions?

Often consumers argue among themselves whichThe heating batteries are better, and each proves the advantages of exactly those radiators that are installed in it. It is clear that this opinion is very subjective.
To get high-quality heating, the right solution for the selection of heating batteries, taken at the stage of preparation for their purchase, when the comparison takes place, helps.

Going to the store for equipment, you already have to know exactly which models you need.

If you just buy the first one you likeThe radiator that arranges in appearance - this is extremely ill-conceived, since products that are absolutely identical in terms of external characteristics can differ in terms of heat output, power and efficiency.

Defining parameters

It always does not hurt to know that the majorityHeating radiators differ in parameters that depend directly on the material from which they are made, as well as the internal capacity of the structure, the way it is mounted and connected.
Therefore, before buying a radiator for a heating system, you must first arm yourself with certain knowledge.
Qualitative heating radiators are characterized by high efficiency and, naturally, good assembly. There are averaged calculations by professionals, with which you can choose the right type of battery.

It is important: for a cubic meter of cubicle, a heating battery consumes about a hundred watts of heat.

Each of the types of radiators sold by trade has its own peculiarities, which are also taken into account in their operation.

Selection of the material of the structure

Cast-iron sectional structures are distinguished by excellent heat capacity, but their lack consists in complex maintenance, the need for periodic coloring.
Sectional radiators, which are made ofAluminum, are deprived of these drawbacks of cast-iron analogs. They are more aesthetic and light. However, such products have low resistance to impurities, which can sometimes be present in the coolant when it is fed through a centralized system.
Steel products have a high heat transfer coefficient, a good area of ​​the heated surface.
Absolutely new type of radiatorsBimetallic heating constructions are considered. Inside the model there is a steel or copper pipe that is able to easily withstand various pressure drops, which are considered to be frequent inside centralized heating systems.

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