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WHAT radiators better

What better radiator

And really, what radiators are considered to be the best now?

Or this evaluation criterion does not exist, but it all depends on the specific conditions of use?

Often consumers are arguing with each other, whichradiators better each proves the benefits of precisely those radiators are installed in it. It is clear that such an opinion is very subjective.
Get high-quality heating makes the right decision on choosing radiators, adopted at the stage of preparation for their acquisition when there is a comparison.

Going to the store for equipment, you should already know exactly what kind of model you need.

If you just buy the first favoriteradiator, which is large enough in appearance - it is extremely short-sighted, because exactly the same on the external characteristics of the products may vary by thermal output power and efficiency.

Defining parameters

Always good to know that the majority ofradiators are different parameters that depend directly on the material from which they are carried out, as well as the internal structure of the container, the method of its installation and connection.
Therefore, before buying a radiator for heating system should be armed with some knowledge in advance.
Qualitative radiators are characterized by high efficiency and, of course, a good assembly. There are average estimates of professionals, with the help of which you can choose the right type of battery.

Important: per cubic meter of space heating consumes battery power heat about a hundred watts.

Each of ongoing trade types of radiators have their own characteristics, which are also taken into account in their operation.

The choice of material of construction

Cast iron sectional design differ a great heat capacity, but the lack of them is a complex service, the need for periodic painting.
Sectional radiators, which are made ofaluminum, iron deficiencies are deprived of these analogues. They are aesthetic and easy. However, such products have a low resistance with respect to impurities that can sometimes be present in the composition of the coolant when it is supplied by a centralized system.
Steel products have a high heat transfer coefficient, a good surface to be heated.
It is a new type of radiatorconsidered bimetallic heating design. Inside, the model is a steel or copper pipe, which can easily withstand various extremes of pressure, was often regarded in district heating systems.

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