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What questions to ask during the interview

What questions are asked in the interview

In order to successfully pass an interview, the applicant must be prepared for very different, even strange question from a potential employer.

Answers to some of them can and should be prepared in advance, when you answer the other candidate has to prove his skills of improvisation.

The most common questions at interviewrelating to education and professional skills of the applicant, the reasons for dismissal from the previous place of employment, the expected salary, benefits for companies in hiring the candidate, life plans and goals for the coming years.

The answers to these questions do not have to be formal, try to prepare them succinct and brief answers, without further ado showing your strengths.

Think in advance on the answers to these questions:
- What can you tell us about yourself?
- What attracted you to this job?
- What are you better than other candidates for this position?
- How do you see your life in a year?

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Non-standard questions

Sometimes the interview recruiters askstrange, perhaps even funny questions. With their help recruiters the ability of logical thinking, attention and imagination of a candidate.

What would you answer the question: as the door handles in the office? Just turn on the logic! The correct answer is two times more than the door. Why do not polar bears eat penguins? Some live in the Arctic, the other in the Antarctic.

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But some non-standard issues of common correct answers simply can not be.

- How to move a mountain?
- Imagine that you are a thousand times decreased in size, and you sucked vacuum. How will you get out of it?
- Rate on a scale to be inadequate.

Using your answers HR-manager wants to evaluate the creativity and ability of a creative approach to problem solving, and sometimes it is tested to handle stress.

Projective questions

HR-managers know that often the applicants,wanting to get a place, come to the interview with the already pre-harvested "correct" answers to common questions. Therefore, the experienced recruiters asking the candidate not only talk about yourself, but also to explain the motivation of people in general or of any fictional character. This is known as projective questions.

- What most attracts people in the work of a programmer?
- Which is why there are conflicts in the team?
- Why do some stealing?

People responding to these questions, unconsciouslytransferred to other own experiences and judgments about life. Thus, projective questions help the selection of specialist to evaluate the applicant motivation, conflict, the attitude and the ability to steal. Pre-prepared for such questions is impossible, therefore, responding to them, just try to be myself.

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