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WHAT put signature in e-mail

What to put signature in e-mail

Creating an e-mail - it is though simple but important.

After all, by its name and signature of the people will make you the first impression. Do you want it to be positive?

Follow the simple tips.

Why signature

At first glance it may seem that the signature to theletter - a waste of time and traffic. From whom have mail your recipient sees, even without looking at the letter - mail programs today are designed so that automatically display the subject and sender. It seems to be simpler and may have not. But do not skimp on the impression itself. Signature in an e-mail is placed not to mention who the author, it makes the message more complete and makes an elegant point. In real life, people shake hands, when e-mails will be the signature of the original card.

I'm writing to you…

What to write in the signature? Of course, different cases may be different signature. If you use email to communicate with friends or some frivolous correspondence to the signature you can put your favorite quote, aphorism or wish good day and good mood. If the correspondence is meant strictly business, it is better to confine concise business card with name, title, company name and telephone. For example:
Marina Ivanova
Sales of "Daisy"
Optionally, you can add other contactsdata or the address of the working site. By the way, today mailers allow you to create several different signatures and choose them according to your preferences.

Common errors in the captions

Remember the basic rule - do not overload yourbusiness card unnecessary information. Indicate the end of each letter are five urban and three mobile phones, fax, e-mail, Skype, ICQ and addresses the social networks there is absolutely no need. Remember that to communicate with you the recipient already has all the same e-mail and the phone as an alternative, it would be sufficient.
Do not be afraid to experiment with color andrelease in your email signature. But there must comply with the measure and highlight only the most important. What do you think, what information should be remembered by your interlocutor in the first place? That's right - your name. So take a more prominent was his.

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