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How to give a puppy to a hunter


What kind of puppy should I give to a hunter?</a>

A puppy for a hunter is a wonderful gift, he will be a real friend to him.

What kind of puppy can you give him? It already depends on what kind of hunter.

Maybe he hunts waterfowl or hares, or maybe goes to a bear or a wild boar.

What are the breeds of hunting dogs?

For a hunter for small normal animals -Hares, badgers, foxes, the puppy of a dachshund, a fox terrier (it is desirable to find a puppy from parents with a good pedigree, the skills of these dogs are congenital) becomes an ideal gift. At the same time, these dogs are not large at all, but keeping them in the apartment will create certain difficulties. In this case, it is necessary to take into account that the dachshund has a natural instinct that can cause periodic desires to dig a burrow.

For digging out a potential "mink" in a regular apartment, the dachshund can use, for example, a sofa.

In addition, she barked very loudly.
If the hunter is engaged in catching marsh, meadowOr forest birds, then you can give a puppy from the group of coppers - setters English, Irish or Scottish. These dogs have good working qualities, but, unfortunately, they are considered narrow-profile. At the same time, they are simply unusually beautiful, very affectionate with children, and also are not so loud as dachshunds. Without hunting, the setter will get very bored and become restless.
For a hunter who hunts animalsOf different kinds, the so-called universal dog will be an indispensable assistant. For example: German kurtzhaar, langhaar, draathaar, which differ only in wool. In appearance, they are large, powerful, faithful, easily trained, very disciplined dogs.
There is one more kind of hunting dogs - husky. It is an indispensable assistant, a sympathetic friend! Puppies are very beautiful, they are born hunters, especially small fur-bearing animals.

How to choose a puppy?

It is best to choose a puppy from the litter and observeAfter him from his very birth during the suckling period. You should pay attention to the puppy, who was born first. He will be stronger and larger than others. Then you need to determine which of the puppies is better sense of smell. This can easily be determined in the following way: puppies with a good sense of smell will be able to quickly find the mother's nipples.

You can be guided by different qualities of hunting dogs, but it is advisable to learn more in detail what kind of puppy your hunter dreams to see.

When the eyes open, the puppies beginRecognize sounds. In this case, the acuity of hearing will not be the same for all. Having made a weak sound, you can see how any of the puppies will lift the shells of the ears, others may not react at all to the sound. Using this technique, you can quickly and accurately establish which of the puppies hears better.

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