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WHAT puppy to give the hunter

What a puppy to give the hunter

Puppy for a hunter - a wonderful gift, it will be a true friend to him.

What is a puppy, you can give him? It depends on what kind of hunter.

Maybe he is hunting waterfowl and birds, and maybe goes to the bear or wild boar.

What are the breeds of hunting dogs?

For a hunter of small burrowing animals -hares, badgers, foxes, an ideal gift would be a puppy dachshund, terrier (desirable to find a puppy from parents with good pedigree, skills these dogs congenital). In this case, the dog data is not large, but the contents of their apartment will create some difficulties. In this case, please be aware that there is a natural instinct fees, which may cause periodic desire to dig a hole.

For the excavation of the potential "mink" in the conventional flat fee can be used, for example, a sofa.

In addition, it is very loud barks.
If a hunter has been fishing the marsh, meadowor wild birds, then you can give your puppy from a group of cops - English Setter, Irish or Scottish. These dogs have good working qualities, but unfortunately, they are narrow-profile. At the same time, they are just extremely beautiful, very affectionate with children, and are not as loud as the fees. Without hunting setter will become very bored and restless.
For the hunter who hunts animalsdifferent kind, irreplaceable assistant to the so-called universal dog. For example: German Pointer Kurzhaar, langhaar, drathaar, which differ only in the hair. On the surface it is large, powerful, loyal, easy to train, very disciplined dog.
There is another type of hunting dogs - Laika. It is an indispensable tool, sympathetic friend! Husky puppies are very beautiful, is born hunters, especially on small fur-bearing animals.

How to choose a puppy?

It is best to choose a puppy from the litter and watchbehind it since its birth during the suckling period. It is necessary to pay attention to the puppy, who was born first. He will be stronger and bigger than the other. Then you need to determine which of the puppies have a better sense of smell. This can easily be determined in the following manner: puppies, have a good sense of smell, will be able to quickly find the mother's nipple.

You can follow different qualities of hunting dogs, but it is desirable to learn, what it wants to see your puppy hunter.

When the eyes are opened, puppies beginrecognize sounds. At the same hearing acuity is not at all the same. Make a small sound, you can see how any of the puppies lift the shell ears, others may not react to the sound. Using this technique, you can quickly and accurately determine which of the puppies can hear better.

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