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What punishment should be for driving without a license

What punishment should be for driving without a license

There are situations when you need to get behind the wheelmachine and its driving no rights. The reasons for the lack of a driver's license can be different, and the penalty for driving without a license is also not the same.

In order not to tempt fate, you should know about the sanctions that threaten to stop the vehicle in the event of traffic police.

Despite the fact that makes it possible for the tighteningPunishment for being behind the wheel while intoxicated and other infractions, the number of violators has decreased, the problem as a whole has remained unsolved. The reason is the same motorists, who still operate your car, but this time without the permission of driving, provided a driver's license.

What threatens the lack of rights for "disenfranchised"?

No matter what was the cause of deprivation,for all motorists the same punishment: a fine, correctional labor for a term of 100 to 200 hours, or administrative arrest for 15 days. Regarding monetary penalty sanctions from the beginning of 2014 introduced changes: Now you need to pay 30 thousand rubles for driving to the end of the term of deprivation of rights.

The punishment for those who have never had the right

There is a category of people who consider themselvesprofessional drivers, but do not wish to receive training at a driving school and a legitimate way to get a permit for driving a car. They are to the liking of risk quite large sums of money as a penalty in the case of detention of auto traffic police officers will be from 5 to 15 thousand rubles. In addition, the traffic police have the right to send the car to the car pound offender. From there it will take only one who has a driver's license and the permission of the owner, properly certified. Also, the car can be picked up in the presence of the host vehicle.

Penalties for those who have forgotten or lost the right

In this case, the legislator proved forgivingand I counted forgetful drivers the most minimal amount of the fine of 500 rubles. However, the traffic police often excuse hapless car owner about the theft and loss of rights is not valid grounds for granting him the right to drive a car. They can hold the car and send it to arestploschadku. Such a decision can be made of a traffic police officer in the educational purposes. For example, if the offender was caught several times and did not bother to restore your driver's license or obtain temporary.

What threatens the minor driving without a license?

Riding a motorcycle without a license is punishable by a fine in$ 2, 5 thousand rubles. As a rule, it is paid off offending parents. In addition, information about it is transferred to the inspection of juvenile residence. A similar amount is paid to the owner of the machine, if it is in your presence sends its control a person under 18 years of age.

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