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What punishment for crossing the solid

What is the penalty for crossing a solid

Traffic violations will inevitably entail unpleasant consequences.

Indulging your interests, you can initiate an accident.

In some cases, for violations on the road, traffic police have the right to take away your rights and sue.

Crossing solid - one of the most common in practice.



The solid line on the road with a comparable invisible wall, stop off for which is strictly prohibited. Otherwise you risk to be without a license for the "departure into oncoming traffic."


In addition to a solid, and there are double roadsolid. Purpose it remains the same, it is just applied in cases where there are four or more lanes. Overtaking is permitted only on those sections of road where a solid line replaces the broken.


The most common violation is considered to be overtaking a vehicle traveling ahead of the oncoming lane. As a result, traffic police have the right to take away your rights for 4-6 months.


Also you undergo punishment if cross solid when turning, did not get a couple of meters to the plot, which allows to do this maneuver. Such impatience takes you to the deprivation of rights.


U-turn on the road, which conducted the solid line is considered a violation of traffic rules. However, the rights you for it will not be deprived, and the penalty will be discharged by 1.5 thousand. P.


The most "easy" a fine issued by the police, if you cross the solid line, leaving the yard. The amount of penalties in this situation will be only 100 rubles.


However, if the violation, entail a penalty, carried out in the field, "limited visibility" (for example, near the turn), the punishment will not be paying money, and deprivation of rights.


There are situations when continuous crossallowed. If the path you blocked a car that can not go round on his side, having missed all oncoming cars, you are allowed to drive around the obstacle, drove into the oncoming lane. However legitimate this action will be considered only when other options do not have to go round an obstacle uniquely, otherwise traffic inspector has the right to prescribe a penalty in the amount of 1.5 thousand. P.

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