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WHAT is the pump and what is it responsible for in the car


What is the pump and what is it responsible for in the car </a>

Any fluid circulation in the car is forced.

The pump or pump serves to ensure the operation of the fuel and cooling system.

Both types of unit have a different design and their own work features.

Pomp motorists call a pump runningTogether with the engine. In any car there are at least two types of this device. One of them carries out forced pumping of the cooling liquid, the other drives the fuel from the tank to the engine of the car.

Water pump

The usual location of this specialPump for pumping the coolant - the front of the cylinder head. Structurally, the pump is a housing in which the impeller located on the shaft is located. The latter is mounted in a pair of bearings (one at each end). Rotation of the shaft is carried out by transferring the torque through the belt from the engine. The malfunction of the pump leads to overheating of the motor and its further failure.
There are several signs of failure of the water pump:
- the indication of the device indicating the temperature of the coolant is in the red sector-
- the interior smells of coolant-
- there are extraneous noise (most often a whistle, indicating the need for repair, replacement of the pump) -
- under the machine are visible droplets of cooling liquid (the presence of a leak can be determined by a sheet of paper spread under the engine and left overnight).
In some cases, partial repair of waterPump. For example, replacing the shaft bearings. However, in order to restore this unit on its own, experience and appropriate tools and devices are necessary. Therefore, it is more expedient to purchase a new pump.

Fuel pump

The task of this pump is fuel delivery to the engine. Previously, carburetor vehicles used mechanical pumps. They had a drive directly from the engine - a special rod pushed the diaphragm, creating a vacuum and injecting fuel into the carburettor. Today, the absolute majority of produced cars have an injection system and an electric gasoline pump.
Its functions are:
- delivery of fuel at a speed of 1-2 l / min.
- ensuring a constant pressure in the fuel system (about 700 MPa).
The modern fuel pump is aElectric motor, with which the working rotor is rigidly connected, propelling fuel. The petrol pump is installed directly in the gas tank of the car. In this case, the fuel plays the role of cooling fluid and lubricating composition. Some models of cars have 2 pumps: one is considered the main one and is installed under the hood, the second, the worker, is placed in the fuel tank.

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