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What properties have the organization

What properties have the organization

The organization, like any other system, has certain properties that help to characterize it.

Their knowledge will allow to better understand the essence of this concept, as well as help to find additional ways to grow your business.

purposefulness - The main feature of the organization. That it defines the meaning of the existence of all the elements. Any system should operate in order to achieve any goal. In the case of business - is to maximize profits. The purpose of the technical system, for example, is to meet human needs. A biological system exists to survive and leave offspring.

Integrity. All elements of the system must be continuouslyfunction. It is important to the whole rather than individual units. Each piece should have its prednaznechenie. Regardless of the level of complexity, the organization must have one motion vector. If we compare it with a person, then all bodies must work interconnected. If, for example, the stomach suddenly stops functioning, a person is unlikely to survive. The same thing is happening with the business.

Emergence. This feature means that the system has a much greater capacity than its individual elements. A team can earn more money than each employee individually.

Homeostasis. In another - stability, response to externalexposure. The bottom line is that any irregularities in the organization must be eliminated immediately, otherwise it will lead to irreversible problems. Imagine that you suddenly disappeared and no one accountant calculate the salary. Compensation is influenced by certain external factors.

Structural. Every organization should have at least two elements, each of which can again be divided and so on to infinity.

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