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What program to send their children to school

For some program to send their children to school

Giving a child in first grade, parents are looking for not only a good teacher, but also an educational program that will meet the level of training of the future first-graders.

Now a large number of school-based programs that offer training in the classical scheme, or more in-depth study of subjects.

The "old" school in a new way

The "Russian School" isclassic school program in which to learn more than one generation of children. Of course, the program has undergone major changes, it has become a modern and adapted to the new standards. Training on the program "Russian School" is suitable for children who came to the first class with the minimum knowledge laid - bad read, know an oral account within 10 Adapting to the new environment for such a program for children will be gradual, with no apparent overload and excessive demands.
On "Harmony" program to engage comfortably togetherwith parents - educational part contains the methodical manuals. This program is suitable for children who often miss classes or even learn at home. Parents always have the opportunity to explain to the material, the more that any "innovation" is not there. But this program has more humanitarian slant, mathematics there has been greatly simplified, which can then lead to problems with learning in high school.
With the program "School 2100", many children have alreadylearn in kindergarten. "School 2100" taught since three years and has a continuous course. In this case, the child is easier to adapt in the first grade, he was ready for the new requirements and knows the standards of training. The disadvantages of such a program include emphasis on those logical tasks, which are abundant in the program. They do not always correspond to the age and sometimes simply absurd.

Choosing courses is always behind the school. In several classes of parallel programs may be several.

"Elementary School of the 21st century" - a programdesigned for children erudite, with a high level of intelligence. Russian language of the program is very complicated, intense course of study. Education on the "Elementary School of the 21st century" is not suitable for children with speech therapy issues, as well as for those who are to enroll in first grade can not read. But the seriousness of such a program in the elementary school has its advantages - Russian high school students will not seem so difficult.
The system of training "Planet of Knowledge" the important role ofplays textbook structure. All are made to the same standard and require the harmonious development of the child, the development of creative skills and independent work with the material. Training on the program "Planet of Knowledge" can be found in the public schools and private schools with a small number of students per class. After all, the program includes training and individual attention to each student.

Do not try to buy the complex program. In elementary school, it is important not to discourage desire to learn.

Choose between a complex and very difficult

by Zankova training system makes studentsthemselves to find answers to questions rather than getting ready. The system teaches very versatile, but the children themselves learn to find information, to draw conclusions, to perform experiments. Training for Zankova suitable for children who are interested in the process of new knowledge, open for research and able to deal with on their own.
System DB Elkonin-VV.Davydov is probably the most complex program for primary schools. It does not imply that the child will be material to give, he has to look for information on a given topic, to coordinate its work with the teacher and other students. This approach to learning gives children the opportunity to learn how to analyze, to think deeply and unconventionally. Estimates for such a program is not exposed, he commended the work of the teacher of children and presents the results to parents. Training program DB Elkonin-Davydov suitable for children with a high motivation to learn, able to think outside the box with a high intellectual level and creative potential.

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