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How to open images iso


Which program to open iso images</a>

Working with disks and flash drives is an integral part of cooperation with computer equipment.

But for good recording of discs, working with images, you need good programs, which are not so many.

There is a very large number of programs forRecording, image emulation, as well as for working with disks, flash drives. Each of them has its own beautiful shell, slightly modified or completely rewritten algorithms of work. But for the user there have always been two main things: stability and the result of work.


The Internet has a large number of differentRatings, which are written by different sites. Each site offers some kind of its own program and calls it the best. Very many praise the design, but do not take into account a large number of errors. The only evaluation criterion that never changes is the availability of a free version.

Free versions are official andHacked. Almost every program has an old version that does not require payment, but works well. In new versions, add some bells and whistles for which they ask for payment.

You can advise only one program thatHas never deteriorated over its lifetime - it's UltraISO. This program works not only with the .iso extension, but also with other formats: .mdf, .mds, .img, .ccd, .sub, .bin, .cue, .nrg. These formats are processed by the most popular programs and will be opened in any program of this type.
The program UltraISO works on a fee basis. The cost of the annual key is about 25 dollars. There are also obsolete versions that work for free and stable. The official version is installed with a trial period of 30 days.

The fact that the ISO format became popular in the period of the release of this program is interesting.

UltraISO allows you to record information onDisks, and create images. When installing the program, it is proposed to install an emulator that creates a virtual disk. With it, you can view all images without writing them to a physical disk. Also UltraISO allows you to create a bootable USB flash drive. This option is useful for those who reinstall operating systems or use programs of this type.

Other programs

Very popular was the Alcohol120% program. Today you can use both new and old version. The program is exclusively paid. New versions do not carry a major update.
A huge block of programs to work with disks Nero,Also deserves attention. It works quite stably and will help you open .iso files, but can produce errors that are not fixed. It is worth noting that the recording of the image, sometimes, is made with errors. The program works on a fee basis.
You can use other programs, but presented here are the most popular and stable software in the world.

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