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What program to cut videos

Which program cut

Splitting video into separate parts is not as difficult as it may seem to the beginner.

Help comes a modern software.

Programs for "cutting" a lot of video today, and everyone can choose the most convenient for you.

"Splitting" video - this is one of the main functions of all programs for editing video files. Cut pieces from the rollers, you can use any of the following software.

Windows Movie Maker

This program is proven. It is suitable even for beginners because its interface is pretty simple and straightforward. Windows Movie Maker is considered to be an editor for home use, designed for mainstream users. It allows you to download videos from various sources, cut and glue the fragments, to create different effects, add titles, etc. The main elements of Windows Movie Maker: content area, timeline and preview window.


Many users are often dealing with video,give preference to this utility. They value it for its high performance and low CPU utilization. In addition, VirtualDub performs operations without recompression, i.e. separately handles audio and video streams. With this program you can "cut" video, to glue multiple audio tracks, encode the stream, apply filters. VirtualDub works with a large number of formats.

Sony Vegas Pro

A professional video editor, which is the firstglance may seem complicated for the average user. However, this program can also be used for cutting files. Sony Vegas Pro dialog box is divided into two parts: one contains a working draft, and the other - a video from the gallery. Distinctive features of the program - it is a huge variety of tools, mass effects, the possibility of fine tuning and sound files with higher resolution.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Another representative of the professional software,which can be useful and amateurs work with video clips. The program creates all conditions for video editing on your preference: Auto Color, streaming from multiple cameras, hundreds of visual and sound effects. And integrated service Creative Cloud allows you to use a number of additional functions of Adobe Premiere Pro.

Corel VideoStudio Pro

The program, which gives a lot of opportunities as a master,as well as ordinary users. Using Corel VideoStudio Pro can produce and work presentations and full movies. Projects are created quickly and just as quickly processed. The program has a lot of visual effects, you can record video to DVD or Blu-ray-discs.

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