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What program is needed to create 3D models

An example of a three-dimensional image

The virtual world is becoming more and more three-dimensional.

Every self-respecting user and software developmentthe company is committed to making its products in 3-D. The popularity of this visual display means so great that many people want to independently master the subtleties of three-dimensional design.

And there are special programs.

For the three-dimensional modeling created a lotprograms. Some are for complete beginners in this field, others more suitable professional designers. User can easily get lost in the variety of proposals, so the reader is invited to the court only three of the most popular 3D-construction product, which, if desired, can understand everyone.

3D Studio MAX

Currently, the program called Autodesk 3ds Max. A project in the far 1990y year, when a three-dimensional simulation just started to think about the most daring experimenters.

Often, for gaming or cinematic projects created special software focused on solving specific problems.

Development of the package involved the studio «Yost Group»and the first four versions went for DOS. Who does not remember "dookonnye" times, is an operating system with a command line - the grandmother of modern operating systems. Since 1994, it began to leave the package for Windows.
You can create videos using the package,engaged in architectural modeling, to implement the characters of computer games. For example, many cinematics of Blizzard for Warcraft and Starcraft games using 3D-Max features. Also, the product was used for the creation of models in these games.

Autodesk Maya

If someone will think once about whatproduct in three-dimensional modeling can be considered a de facto standard, then this is Maya. At the time, it has revolutionized the world of three-dimensional graphics in movies and on television. The product was a pretty complex story. Officially, he has appeared only in 2006, but before that there were a variety of mergers and changes in the business segment, which somehow reflected on the project.
However, he survived and is now activeUsed by many professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. One only the list of the famous cartoons and paintings created with its help, deserves respect:
- The image of Gollum in The Lord of the Rings
- Mouse from the comedy "Stuart Little"
- Cartoon "South Park."
- The trilogy "The Matrix"
- Spider-Man 2
- The Golden Compass
And this is just the beginning, because just simply do not reach.

Cinema 4D

Judging by the title, the program cancreate a four-dimensional space. However, as is known, the fourth - the time. Hence in essence the software package creating three-dimensional objects that change with time. And here already many can guess that we are talking about computer animation.

At the beginning of all programs 3D modeling seem complicated, but it is necessary to understand the basic principles and everything becomes easier.

Indeed, today, the project represents a serious competitor to two of the above products. It is convenient, has a more simple interface, it is easier to master, even for a novice.
He first appeared on the computer "Amiga" in the early nineties of the last century. The first version of the software was only for this machine. Then the company «Maxon» was able to transfer it to other platforms.
It is impossible to list all the projects, where the program is used. It is actively used to create animation. A "Beowulf" is among the most well-known projects.

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