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WHAT deposits profitable to open in the banks and why

What contributions profitable to open in the banks and why

Bank deposits - the most simple and affordable way of accumulation and multiplication of its own funds.

Today the market offers a wide variety of banking products, in this regard, it is important not to be mistaken with a choice of input and make the right choice.

How to choose a commercial bank deposit

At first glance, the choice of the most profitable logiccontribution is extremely simple - the higher the interest rate, the higher the income. But not always high stakes - a guarantee of high returns, in this case, a number of factors must be considered.
It is necessary to consider the average value on ratesdeposits, which is published by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. On the recommendations of the regulator, the rates fixed by the Bank must not deviate from the arithmetic mean value by more than 1.5%. As a rule, extremely high interest rates offered by small banks. Before choosing a contribution should seriously assess the potential credit risk, examine the financial history of the bank, make sure that the bank is a member of the deposit insurance system, and also look at the presence of his license for attracting funds. To reduce risks to a minimum, you can place your savings in several banks. We should not forget about the high taxation of interest income.

If the interest rate on ruble deposits exceeding the CBR refinancing rate by 5%, while the currency - more than 9%, income is taxed at a rate of 35%.

you need to decide before the opening of the contribution from thethe purpose of its discovery and proposed transaction with the account. Banks are generally the rule - the less freedom provided to the client in the area of ​​account management, the lower the interest rate.
What other factors affect the interest rate andthe profitability of the deposit. Firstly, it is the size of the contribution. The greater the amount of the deposit, the higher the yield. But if you plan to open a deposit in the amount of over 700 thousand river, you should take into account the degree of reliability of the bank on the Russian market.

If the amount to accommodate at least 700 thousand. rubles, the contribution can be opened at any bank that is a member of the deposit insurance system, because revocation of the license of the bank to the depositor reimbursed the entire amount of the deposit.

Secondly, the currency effect on the profitability of the depositcontribution. The most advantageous in terms of the interest rate are foreign currency deposits. For deposits in euros and dollars, it is considerably lower (by 2-3 times). But to give them is not necessary. In terms of the ruble devaluation, they can be more profitable, and the yield on ruble deposits may be impaired under the influence of inflation.
Thirdly, it is a term deposit. The longer you plan to save money, the higher the percentage and yield. In the case of demand deposits talking about augmenting their own funds is not, the benefit will be reduced to zero.

What are the most profitable deposits

In terms of interest rate deposits can bearranged as follows: first place - savings (rate 0.5% higher cumulative), the second - the storage, in the third - the calculated (rate 1.5% lower storage). Savings deposits the most favorable in terms of interest rates, but storage is possible to increase the yield by depositing funds into the account.
If you do not plan to take interest on the deposit,you should choose the deposit with interest capitalization. The effective interest rate on them is higher than the nominal. The yield will be higher than the capitalization of interest will occur more often. The greatest profit can bring urgent replenishable deposit with monthly interest capitalization and without the possibility of partial withdrawal. increased interest rates by increasing the amount in the account can be mounted on such deposits by banks.
It is worth paying attention to seasonal deposits, which operate at a certain limited period of time. On them shall be established by the most favorable rates.

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