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WHAT professisonalnye holidays are celebrated in July in Ukraine

Professional Ukrainian holidays in July

July holidays celebrated in Ukraine can bedivided into international and professional. Some are found in certain fixed day, for example, the World Day of Architecture, Day investigator Ukraine.

Other celebrated in the first, second or other Sunday of July.

Thus, the second Sunday - Day of the fisherman in Ukraine.

Holidays in Ukraine, celebrated on certain days of July

July 1 people celebrate their holiday one of the mostcreative professions - architects. The holiday is called World Day of Architecture. Established in Ukraine in 1995 by a presidential decree. Although it has an international festival dedicated to the International Day of housing since 1996 and is celebrated in October, on the first Monday.

Another professional holiday of the people one of the most painstaking and courageous professions, Day investigator Ukraine. They are daily faced with a strange grief and loss.

On July 2 accounted International Day of the sports journalist. Sports journalists - the people that promote a healthy lifestyle and the spirit of fair competition. Celebrated since 1924.

4th July - Day of Ukrainian court expert. Introduced June 10, 2009. Examination is in the study of materials and issuing expert opinions on which the facts of the case are established. Specialists experts have expertise in many areas of science and technology.

July 12 marks the Day of the photographer.

According to legend, Saint Veronica handed a piece of canvasJesus walking on the penalty. On this piece of cloth imprinted forever the face of Christ. Pope after 2000 years, announced the day of St. Veronica's World Day of the photographer.

July 16 is celebrated one of the most popularprofessional holiday - Day of the Accountant of Ukraine. Celebrated since 2004 in recognition of the merits of accountants in making successful management decisions.

July 17, the day of the birth of the famoustraveler N. Maclay, is celebrated the Day of the ethnographer. In this day of dedication are usually novices, men first went to ethnographers expedition.

July 20 - International Day of chess. Festival is held since 1924 by the World Chess Association.

July 26 - Day paratrooper. It not officially approved, but widely celebrated in the circle of adherents. Date is timed to the first parachute jump in July 1930 near Voronezh.

July 28 celebrate PR, workwhich recognized at an official level. Formation of image, promoting the interests of the company or individual, contacts with the media in today's business and demand policy.

Holidays celebrated in the weekend of July

The first Saturday of July, the Day of Cooperatives. Established in 1992, the feast of the UN General Assembly.

On the first Sunday of July, two pripadaetprofessional holiday. Day of Air Defense Forces of Ukraine and the Day of sea and river fleet. Air defense troops are indispensable in ensuring the country's defense. The holiday is celebrated since 1992. Since 2008, approved by the Decree of the President of the river and the Day of the Navy and the Day of the Ukrainian Navy. Short - Navy Day.

The second Sunday of July - Day of the fisherman Ukraine Fisheries. In Ukraine, it is celebrated since 1995.

Day of Metallurgists of Ukraine is widely celebrated inindustrial regions of Ukraine on the third Sunday of July. With fireworks and folk festivals, fairs and concerts in cities where steel mills operate.

The value of system administrators in each company or enterprise is huge, so system administrators celebrated the professional holiday since 2000.

The main thing is to give sysadmin cup or mouse in this day and assure his selfless love for them. Then you can work on your office computer quietly until the next holiday.

The last Sunday of July celebrateemployees of trade and public catering in Ukraine. It depends on them sometimes our good mood and appetite. So do not forget to congratulate them, to please the good word.

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