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How benefits are granted to veterans of labor


What benefits are provided to labor veterans</a>

Everyone who has received the title of veteran of labor can enjoy benefits.

They are provided throughout the territory of people and extend to the most diverse aspects of life.

What privileges do veterans of labor have?

We owe our grandfathers and grandmothers life, who upheld the right to the existence of our nation. How do they thank the state power? What privileges are given to veterans in our country?
First of all, it is worthwhile to understand who is the veteran of labor by law. For this, it is worth turning to the Constitution of the Russian Federation.
According to Article 7 of the Federal Law No. 5-FZ "On Veterans" veterans recognize two categories of people:
1) persons who started their work beforeThe coming of age during the Great Patriotic War, with a work record of at least 40 years for men and at least 35 years for women,
2) persons who have awards in the form of medals andOrders awarded the honorary title of the RSFSR, the USSR or the Russian Federation, as well as awarded departmental marks of excellence in labor. In order to receive titles, they must have a common work experience, which will be needed to formalize a retirement pension according to the provisions of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

What benefits can a veteran count?

The main privilege for the official receipt of the title"Veteran of labor" was, there is and remains a free provision of medical services. Unfortunately, this applies only to municipal health institutions. Also at this point it is possible to attribute a privilege on the manufacture of teeth and dentures in municipal polyclinics, all of which should be absolutely free.
If a veteran decides to continue working and is in the workplace, he must provide paid leave. Leave must include 30 working days.
Free travel in all types of public transport, upon presentation of a document confirming the status of a veteran. It is worth remembering that this does not apply to private IP.
The administration of cities and regions must chargeOnly 50% of the payment of a dwelling, where the beneficiary is registered and living. In addition, the veteran is reduced payment for the use of communications in the amount of 50%.
Also, the city administration has the full right to establish additional benefits for labor veterans (monthly additional cash payments, purchase of preferential tickets, etc.).
Every veteran can take advantage of these benefits. Such support from the state is a part of social policy, for which every year more and more funds are allocated.

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