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What privileges are awarded to veterans of labor

What are the benefits provided to veterans of labor

Everyone who has received the title of war veteran, can enjoy the benefits.

They are provided throughout the territory of the people and subject to a variety of aspects of life.

What benefits are veterans of labor?

We owe our lives to our grandfathers and grandmothers, who defended the right of existence of our nation. How to thank their government? What are the benefits provided to veterans in our country?
The first is to figure out who is working on legislation veteran. For this purpose we refer to the Constitution.
According to Article 7 of the Federal Law № 5-FZ of two categories of people deemed "On Veterans" Veterans:
1) a person who started his career tocoming of age during the Great Patriotic War, and the seniority of which is for men - at least 40 years and for women - not less than 35 years-
2) persons who have won awards in the form of medals andmedals, awarded the honorary title of the RSFSR, the USSR or the Russian Federation, as well as the marks awarded departmental differences in labor. To obtain the title, they must have a total length of service, which will be needed for the execution of the retirement pension for old age under the provisions of the Russian legislation.

On what benefits can rely veteran?

The main benefits for the official receipt of the title"Labour veteran" was, is and remains the free provision of health services. Unfortunately, this only applies to municipal health care institutions. Also included in this item can be attributed benefit on the production of teeth and dentures in municipal health centers, all of which must be absolutely free.
If the veteran has decided to continue the work and activities is the workplace, it is required to provide paid holidays. Vacation must include 30 working days.
Free travel on all forms of urban transportation, upon presentation of a document confirming the status of the veteran. It should not be forgotten that this does not apply to the private IP.
cities and districts administration is obliged to chargeOnly 50% of the payment of the dwelling where the registered and live exempt. In addition, veteran reduced payment for the use of communication at a rate of 50%.
Also, the city administration has the full right to establish additional benefits for veterans of labor (additional monthly cash payments, purchase of discounted tickets, etc.).
Take advantage of these benefits can each veteran. This support from the government is a part of social policy, which with more funds are allocated each year.

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