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What is the private security

What is a non-departmental security

Private security - an alternative to private security companies. on the basis of the contract structure can serve organizations and individuals.

At the same time employees of private security, as well as other police officers are obliged to stop any offense.

About department

Private security - structurala division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, which is responsible for protection of enterprises of all forms of property of citizens and property - apartments, houses, garages, etc. Their work has the status of state services.
Staff in taking on some of the functions,that the representatives of PSE is not entitled to carry out, - the protection of cash settlement centers, security representatives of the Investigative Committee, tax inspections, etc.
The activities of private security andaimed at maintaining law and order on the streets. Employees units must comply with and respect the rights and freedoms of Russian citizens. Regulated activities in "the Police Act."
Patrol cars of private security, in addition toradios and navigators, equipped spetssignalami (flashing lights) and have a side room. Staff in a specially equipped and are in possession of a service weapon.

commercial activity

Employees VO ensure the protection by technical means. Service enterprises, where panic buttons installed. At the signal received on the control panel, is leaving the group detention.
Work on the protection of property of individuals notIt differs from that of the actions of private security companies. If the apartment or house alarm is triggered, a group of employees of private security, which is the closest, leaves the object.
Depending on the terms of the agreement the owners may be subject to a fine for a false alarm. For example, if you have not closed the window and the alarm went off.
If the signal was significantly, employees INhave the right to delay the attacker. Chopovtsam in this situation will have to call the police. Representatives of the private security service can use weapons in cases established by Russian law.
Another direction of the structure - the bearing of physical protection of objects. Under the contract employees of private security organized support of cargoes.
Among the advantages of cooperation with non-departmentalprotection - reasonable prices, extensive network, a clear chain of command, the spent years. But some private security firms can benefit by installing more advanced security systems.


Employees of private security, leaving theduty, patrolling the streets. Any citizen who has suffered from illegal actions, may apply to the detention of the group. For example, if you pulled the bag on the street, safely brake the crew or contact the store equipped with a panic button.
Operate the police department of private security and orientation. Connected to the police operations carried out in the localities.
The entire personnel of the private security periodically recertify, drill and physical fitness, participate in shooting practice.

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