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WHAT confidentiality

What is privacy

The concept of confidentiality is used quite often, but speaking the word, people sometimes do not understand what it means.

The word "privacy" is used in different areas of life.

Privacy today

Privacy is translated from Latin as confidence in anything. The closest to the word "Confidential" may be the word "mystery", that is, any unknown person.
Today, you can often find the phrase"Confidential information". Confidentiality of information - it is maintaining the secrecy of any information transmitted by you to someone else. After the signing of non-disclosure, you may not, without the owner's permission to disclose his secrets. Impose restrictions on the degree of disclosure laws and can, for example, a variant of the personal data that are used in social networks. On the other hand, in some countries, at the request of law enforcement bodies of your personal information will be declassified.
Privacy is divided into voluntaryand forced. Under a voluntary understood human consciousness, his personal opinion on this information, the realization that its disclosure is inappropriate. Force - controlled by the signed contract, sometimes a man is held to observe secrecy.

Privacy legislation

To resolve the contentious issues in the law of any country, there is a special clause stipulating conditions of confidentiality in different situations which may arise in society.
Of great importance is the fact that eachthe country's privacy laws are different. For example, in the Russian Federation and there are some differences in the Ukraine. Ukrainian law brings to the word "privacy" is more meaningful framework and access to such information is more difficult than in Russia. On the other hand - in Ukraine the law is carried out much worse than in Russia.
In Russia, the issue is regulated by the law "On information, informatization and information protection", in which the concept and given privacy. The main points of the law have been described in the section above.
One of the important points is to hide personalinformation if it threatens human life or health. This concept specifies the witness protection program, which is most often used and the amendment to the law. In this situation, the personal information is available only to a limited circle of persons, for the rest of it passes under the "classified". Amendments to the law used in other similar cases, most often they have national importance.

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