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What is confidentiality?


What is confidentiality?</a>

The concept of confidentiality is used quite often, but saying this word, a person sometimes does not understand what it means.

The word "confidentiality" is used in various areas of life.

Confidentiality in our day

Confidentiality is translated from the Latin language, as trust in anything. The closest to the word "confidential" may be the word "mystery", that is, any information unknown to a person.
Today, you can often find the phrase"Confidentiality of information". Confidentiality of information is the preservation in secret of any information given to you by someone. After signing the non-disclosure agreement, you have no right to disclose its secrets without the owner's permission. To impose a restriction on the degree of disclosure of information can also laws, for example, the option of personal data that are used in social networks. On the other hand, in some states, when requested by law enforcement agencies, your personal data will be declassified.
Confidentiality is divided into voluntaryAnd compulsory. By voluntary means a person's consciousness, his personal opinion about this information, the realization that its disclosure is inappropriate. Forced - controlled by means of a signed contract, sometimes a person is monitored for secrecy.

Confidentiality in legislation

To settle disputable issues in the legislation of any country, there is a special clause stipulating the conditions of confidentiality in different situations that may arise in society.
Of great importance is the fact that eachCountries privacy laws are different. For example, in the Russian Federation and in Ukraine there are some differences. Ukrainian law brings to the word "confidentiality" a more meaningful framework and access to such information is more difficult than in Russia. On the other hand - in Ukraine this law is much worse than in the Russian Federation.
In Russia, this issue is regulated by the law "On Information, Informatization and Protection of Information", in which the concept of confidentiality is given. The main points of the law were described in the section above.
One of the important points is the concealment of personalInformation if it threatens the life or health of a person. This concept stipulates a program for the protection of witnesses, where most often they use this amendment to the law. In this situation, personal information is available only to a limited number of persons, for all others it is classified as "secret". Amendments to the law are also used in other similar cases, most often they are of state significance.

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