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What prevents us from getting rich

What prevents us from getting rich

Often our own settings do not allow us to become richer.

What actions will help to fill up the contents of your wallet?



Good position with high salary - onlyfor professionals. Thinking in this way, you are close to a door in wealthy life. The chop off his wings, better think about what you need to do to get the best performance. Maybe take courses that will help you find work or learn computer? Make a step by step plan, and go!


Hobbies can be a source of income. It is not so! If you knit or weaves beaded items, there is nothing wrong to sell their products. And if you know how to draw, or enjoy some other kinds of creativity that keeps you from giving private lessons. Do not hesitate and start earning on your favorite reality.


Turn trash into revenues. Conduct an audit of the things that over the years kept on the balcony, mezzanine, in a closet. Surely there is something that can still serve others. And in the house will become freer, and money in your wallet more.


Sell ​​clothes that never wore forLast year. After all, she will lie on the shelf a dead weight. Is not it better to turn the ballast in real money? Suggest things to your friends or place newspaper ads, hand over clothes in Secon-hand.


Do not miss the opportunity to earn some money. To sit with a neighbor kid to help someone else's child homework, offer cleaning services, assistance maintenance computer. Hang ads on special boards, put in the newspaper. Maybe the real advantageous tender can not wait, here's the real money can be missed.

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