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What pressure take Citramon

What pressure take Citramon

People taking medications usually aware of their appointment.

So, "Citramon" - known, available and cheap remedy for headache. Whereas it is taken into account and the overall condition of the body, such as blood pressure.

After all, such a medicine as "Citramon" can change its performance.

The pressure and headache - what's the connection?

For a good start to remember what is meant byfamiliar term "pressure". Its value is expressed with two digital parameters, the first of which - the "top" or systolic pressure - it indicates the force with which the blood is pushed left heart ventricle into the blood vessels. The more intense this is, the higher the upper limit of the pressure.
The second indicator - "lower" or diastolic blood pressure - helps to understand how actively working vessels at a time when the heart does not contract. It depends on their overall tone.
As consistently high and stablelow blood pressure can cause discomfort such as headaches. And people want to get rid of it by taking a drug, for example, "Citramon". But it will only if the pressure is reduced at the elevated may cause deterioration. This can be explained by examining the ingredients that are part of the "tsitramona".

Composition "tsitramona"

"Tsitramon" - drug in thewhich includes aspirin, acetaminophen and caffeine. Aspirin has anti-inflammatory effect and paracetamol - a slight analgesic and antipyretic. Caffeine is also included in the drugs to enhance the effects of the first two drugs, it acts as a catalyst.
The result is a simple cure like "Citramon" can be successfully drink for colds and flu to improve the overall condition in not strong pain of various origins, including those at the head.
It should be remembered that caffeine - one of thethe most common means for increasing pressure. In addition, it contributes to excitation of the nervous system, improve memory and attention. However, while there is an increased pressure to make it desirable.

1 tablet "tsitramona" contains 30 mg of caffeine, which is one tenth of the maximum daily allowance.

non-drug means

Thus, if you have a sudden achehead, it is wise to start to measure the pressure. If it is low, you may have a headache there for this reason. You can try to deal with it without using "tsitramona" or other, more powerful drugs.
If caffeine increases blood pressure, it is necessary to increase itslevels in the body. It is known that caffeine is found in foods such as, of course, coffee, and furthermore, tea, cola, chocolate and cocoa. If a headache against a background of low blood pressure, treat yourself to a cup of any of these drinks, and, certainly sweeten.

The greatest amount of caffeine contained in coffee custard - 79-125 mg per 150 ml of the drink.

You can apply and herbal infusions or decoctions, increasing the pressure. For their preparation suitable herbs such as Rhodiola rosea, Chinese magnolia, rosemary, ginseng, devil.

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