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WHAT portable speakers

What is a portable speaker

Portable speakers is a moderna variety of portable speakers that allow you to listen to music as desktop computers, and mobile phones, car stereo systems, iPods and other devices.

In today's market by various companies are a lot of proposals that can interest even the most demanding customer.


Portable Speakers primarilydesigned for portable handheld devices - MP3-players, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc. The need for a portable speaker is associated with a low capacity of portable devices with proper quality play music files.
In this case, the speakerimproves the multimedia gadget's capabilities while maintaining its mobility - portable speakers can easily fit in a bag, able to operate from the battery without having to connect to the electricity network at the time of reproduction, it can be charged via USB and has good characteristics, important for playing music.
More and more developing wireless technologies,allowing you to play music without connecting the speakers to the device. The connection can be through Bluetooth, NFC and other advanced wireless technologies. However, portable speakers can not replace domestic fixed wired speakers.
Portable speakers will be a good complement to theparty in nature, in the country, at a party or in any other area where there is no possibility to use more powerful sound sources. Sound characteristics of portable speakers lag behind in other similar systems, but wireless systems do not act as an alternative to conventional audio systems, and are only a supplement to existing portable device.


In electronics stores, you can find a variety ofoptions that will satisfy the requirements of most customers. The key characteristics are the number of audio channels (AC lanes), the presence of an equalizer, reproducible frequency and subwoofer output for low frequency reproduction. When you buy should pay attention to the type of food and life of the battery, the presence of connectors for electrical connection, the presence of USB, battery type, the ability to insert a memory card.
It will use the speakers even if yourportable device is already discharged. In some models, even systems available to connect an additional hard drive or storage medium based on USB technology. The price and will vary depending on the characteristics and the availability of additional functions. The cost of portable audio sources starts from 300 rubles. for conventional portable speakers and can exceed 20000 p. for full wireless portable sound system.

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