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What is Polycotton?


What is Polycotton?</a>

Polycotton - a fabric partly made up of cottonAnd partly of polyester, which gives cotton fibers useful properties. The ratio of these two materials can be different, which affects the quality of the tissue.

It is used for the production of bed linen, mattresses, pillows and similar products.


Polikotton - a modern fabric created onBased on conventional cotton with the addition of polyester, an artificial material that has a number of advantages over natural fibers. Polikotton was invented in the XXI century, went on sale as a material for home textiles relatively recently, but has already gained popularity among the owners and lovers of practical, comfortable and economical fabric.
The ratio of polyester and cotton in the material canBe different, the best is considered a fabric with a high content of cotton, up to 65%. In some cases, the polycotton is only 15% cotton, it is almost entirely an artificial fabric, in which the properties of cotton fibers are almost invisible.

Properties of polycotton

Polyester gives the fabric several advantages,Which can not boast of pure cotton material. Polikotton does not shrink and almost does not crumple. Even under the influence of permanent washing, the fibers remain in their places, as a result of which the tissue structure is retained for a long time. To wash the fabric, a large amount of powder is not required, and thanks to artificial fibers, the hygienic properties of bed linens are increased.

Dye polycotton is much better than cotton, which makes it look newer and more attractive even after several years of use.

This fabric is pleasant to the touch, reminds coarse calico,And the more cotton, the more comfortable polycotton is. Synthetics in its composition does not let moisture pass, and the more polyester in the fabric, the worse it is for bed linen - it's hot and unpleasant to sleep under artificial material.
Polycotton is usually painted in bright colors, coverIntricate patterns and complex patterns. As a bed linen this fabric looks attractive and interesting, but it can be used for other purposes: someone sews curtains from it, someone makes bedspreads or decorative pillowcases for pillows.

On sale there are mattresses, polycotton polished.

Polikotton is thin, but practical, and manyHousewives appreciate it for a democratic price compared to chintz, bazyu, satin and other types of fabrics for home textiles. But this material has its own shortcomings. Firstly, after a few years of use, the fabric begins to slip. Secondly, because of the content of artificial fibers, it is necessary to strictly follow the washing instructions, otherwise the polycotton will quickly become unusable. It can not be washed at a temperature above 40oC, and you need to iron very carefully, in a gentle mode. In addition, the polycotton is electrified.

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