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WHAT Polycotton

What Polycotton

Polikotton - fabric, partly consisting of cottonand partly of polyester, cotton fibers which imparts useful properties. The ratio of these two materials can be different, which affects the quality of the fabric.

It is used for the production of bed linen, mattresses, pillows and related products.


Polikotton - modern cloth, established onbasis with the addition of conventional polyester cotton, synthetic material, which has a number of advantages compared with natural fibers. Polikotton was invented in the XXI century, it went on sale as a material for home textiles relatively recently, but has already gained popularity among housewives and amateurs practical, comfortable and economical fabric.
The ratio of polyester and cotton material canbe different, it is considered the best fabric with high cotton content up to 65%. In some cases, Polikotton contains only 15% of cotton is almost entirely artificial tissue, in which the properties of cotton fibers are almost invisible.

properties polikottona

Polyester fabric gives several advantages,which can not boast of a clean cotton material. Polikotton does not shrink and hardly wrinkled. The fibers even under constant washings remain in place, resulting in tissue structure is maintained permanently. To wash the fabric does not require a large amount of powder, and thanks to the man-made fibers increased hygienic properties bed linen.

Dyes on Polikotton held much better than on cotton, which is why this fabric looks newer and more attractive even after several years of use.

This fabric is pleasant to the touch, reminiscent of calico,and more cotton than the more comfortable polycotton considered. Synthetics in its composition is moisture, and the more polyester in the fabric, the worse it is suitable for bedding - sleeping under artificial material is hot and uncomfortable.
Polikotton usually painted in bright colors, coverintricate designs and complex patterns. As the linen cloth that looks attractive and interesting, but it can also be used for other purposes: some of it sews curtains, someone makes covers or decorative pillowcases for pillows.

Sales have mattresses sheathed polycotton.

Polikotton thin, but practical, and manyhostess appreciate his democratic price compared with chintz, calico, satin and other types of home textile fabrics. But there is this material and its flaws. Firstly, the tissue begins to slide through several years of use. Secondly, because of the content of artificial fibers is necessary to accurately perform the manual washing, otherwise polikotton quickly will become worthless. It can not be washed at temperatures above 40 ° C and iron to be very careful on the delicate cycle. In addition, polycotton electrified.

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