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WHAT poisonous spiders exist

What are there poisonous spiders

In nature, there are not only harmless spiders from which rebyatnya runs away with shouts and laughter, but also toxic individuals.

last bite can have serious consequences.

Depending on the species of spider venom can lead to even death.

family Hirakantidy

Zheltosumy spider is not the most poisonous butstill dangerous spider. The people they bite rarely. The greatest danger in the attack members of the family Hirakantidy is the probability of entering into the body of serious infection. Deaths from spider venom is not possible.

ornamental tarantula

These individuals are found in South-East Asia. Their bite is painful. The venom can cause a person serious swelling.

Chinese tarantula

This is a large tarantula with a length of pawsup to 20 cm. It lives in Southeast Asia. The bite of this spider can combat the spot of small mammals. There is a possibility of death in humans.

spider mouse

Family Missoula to which the mousespider lives in Australia. The males have a reddish tint and red jaws, females - completely black. The mouse spider is very dangerous. Its venom he could kill a man. However, such cases have been reported as most individuals do "dry" bites, while not releasing poison.

The brown recluse spider

The brown recluse spider and Chilean recluse,a variation of the first, are considered extremely toxic. As these representatives are hermits, and then meets a man rarely. They have small fangs that bite through clothing impossible. One of the most dangerous features of the hermit bite - necrosis, characterized by tissue death in the affected area. This process may extend to several tens of centimeters. Chilean recluse venom can lead to kidney failure. There are cases of death from his bites.

Krasnospinny spider

Krasnospinny spider has a direct relationship to the genusblack widows. These representatives are very toxic. Their habitats - Australia. They have a distinctive red stripe on the back and a figure in the shape of an hourglass on her belly. If you do not enter an antidote, spider bite krasnospinnogo can result in death, in milder cases - from localized skin infections to headaches, fever, vomiting, swollen lymph nodes. There is a probability of respiratory failure, amputation of limbs, coma.

Black Widow

It is extremely poisonous spider. After mating, the female eats the male. Black Widow Bite causes a condition called latrodectism. It provokes severe muscle spasms, temporary paralysis of the spinal cord or brain, and sometimes death. All members of this family have a red hourglass on her belly. In some cases, the bitten person dies before manages to introduce an antidote.

Sydney funnel web

This is one of the most dangerous spiders in the world. They have large fangs. Rather than run and hide after the first bite, they do it again. The venom contains a Sydney funnel web atrokotoksin dangerous to all primates, including humans. If you do not enter an antidote bite can be fatal.

Six-camel spider

This is one of the most poisonous spiders in the world. They live in Africa and South Asia. Hold on areas where there are few people. Six-sand spiders are not aggressive, and these resemble the hermits, but unlike them have a strong poison. In addition to the localization of necrosis, their bite there is no antidote.

Brazilian wandering spider

It is considered the most venomous spider in the world. The bite, the venom of which contains a powerful neurotoxin, capable of paralyzing the breathing and then gasp. Another effect of the poison is priapism, which is defined as the occurrence of painful erection, leading to impotence. The lethal outcome is not excluded even when administered the antidote.

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