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WHAT backlash steering

What is play in the steering

Backlash or Luft - literally translated from German means "air". It is called the gap between the elements of mechanical systems associated with rotation.

For example, in the steering system.

Signs of backlash

If while driving in his car, youbegan to celebrate such unpleasant phenomena as knocks, excessive vibration, spontaneous deviation from the path, it may be the cause of the emerging backlash steering. According to traffic regulations, a total clearance serviceable vehicle shall not exceed 10 degrees. But the smaller values ​​already created some inconvenience and discomfort. Even the smallest gap tends to grow into a big one. Agree, it is not normal, when almost flat road to constantly turn the steering wheel left and right. With a large backlash it is already called "the road to catch."

Reasons and methods for detecting backlash

The main cause of play in the steeringmanagement can be divided into four. They arise as a result of wear and tear during a long operation of the vehicle. For example, over time the deflection of the front wheels steering rods are formed and increase clearances. Their presence and the amount can be determined visually or tactilely, probing the details of the fingers, which are connected to these joints. At the same time someone has to scroll the wheel sharply to the left and to the right. Both parts must be moved synchronously. Single check by moving the tie rod arms in the longitudinal direction. No backlash if it moves with the fry. If there is even a small gap is necessary to replace the joint.
The second reason - the raised deterioration orderegulation engagement roller and "worm". At the sharp turn of the wheel in the steering mechanism of a knock is heard. Also, a defect is detected while shaking hands steering gear pitman arm. Options: adjust or replace parts.
Knock and squeak when you turn the wheel, as well asswinging pendulum arm up and down talking about wear bushings or the axis of the arm of the pendulum. Try to tighten the nut on the shaft. Worn parts must be replaced.
Finally, the fourth reason - are loose idler arm bracket or housing. You just need to pull up the appropriate screws and nuts.

It remains to add that with the rightvehicle operation and maintenance of power steering components: periodic lubrication, timely detection of defects and elimination of emerging backlash - all mechanisms will last a long time and does not require a contingency on their replacement costs.

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