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KakIE plants grow in the steppes of Russia


What plants grow in the steppes of Russia</a>

Steppe plains are located in temperate latitudesRussia, near the Caucasus, the Black Sea, as well as in the valley of the Ob River. The zone of the steppes is characterized by rather dry soil, and therefore not all plants can grow on it.

For example, natural forests on such territory almost do not grow - for them there simply is not enough moisture.

Features of steppe vegetation

In the steppe there is only enoughSpecific herbaceous vegetation. Very rarely in the steppe open spaces there are wooded areas, and even then only where the moisture in the soil is kept due to the accumulation of snow cover. At present, almost everywhere in the steppe Russia, the natural cover has been replaced by artificial vegetation: considerable areas of the steppes have been plowed and become agricultural lands.
Traditional steppe vegetation consists ofHerbaceous plants, which are characterized by a relatively wide variety. Some plant species are found exclusively in the steppe zone, while others are not considered as indigenous inhabitants of the steppes, as they can be seen in forests as well as in meadows.
The main feature of steppe plants isThat they are resistant to arid climate and can exist for a long time in case of moisture deficit. The color of the herbaceous vegetation characteristic of the steppes is usually grayish or gray-green. Small and narrow leaves are well adapted to local conditions, having the ability to fold in dry weather.

Main types of steppe plants

Perhaps the most common grass in the steppe -feather grass. It occurs even in the northern regions of the steppe zone, although it occupies an insignificant place among abundant and bright herbs. Several species of steppe feather grass are known, for example, narrow-leafed and feathery. A feather grass with a narrow leaf plate is characteristic for the Russian steppes.
You can meet in the steppes and those cereals that areGrow usually on meadows, for example, timothy grass and meadow grass. Often, among the feather grass, clover, buttercup, sverbig and other plants more common in the meadow zone take root. But such inclusions are possible only in those steppe areas where the amount of precipitation differs in a higher level. Most often it is a mixed-grass northern steppe, close in its vegetation to meadows.
A special group of plants in the steppes are those,That have economic significance: wheat, barley, rye, oats, corn, sugar beet. This also includes fodder crops serving as the basis for pastures. Important for human activities are growing in the steppes of honey plants and herbs. Among the latter include chamomile pharmacy, thyme, licorice and immortelle sand.

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