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What place does Russia in the global economy

What place does Russia in the global economy

Russia has high economic potential, which is composed of a wide source of raw materials, the availability of vast areas and human resources.

However, in today's world, the country is not among the highest position from the point of view of the economy, giving the recognized leaders on a range of important indicators.

Russia's economy compared to other countries

One of the most important economicindicators, which gives an idea of ​​the level of development of the country, - gross domestic product (GDP). It is about the total cost of all manufactured in the state of goods and services per year. During the last decade of the last century Russia's GDP has steadily decreased, dropping to 650 billion dollars. The country has slipped on this indicator about the twelfth place in the world.
The size of the gross domestic product per capitaRussian Federation population in the 90 years ahead of about fifty countries. The most developed countries in this respect - the US, Japan and Switzerland - had no less than 20 thousand dollars per capita, while in Russia at the turn of the centuries, this parameter was about 3.5 thousand dollars...
In recent years, the situation in the economyI began to level off. According to the regular research, conducted by the World Bank, by 2013 Russia managed to take fifth place in the ranking of world economies. Russia's GDP Experts now compared with the GDP of Germany. For this indicator, the Russian Federation is still ahead of the US, China, India and Japan.

Features of economic development of Russia

In assessing the position of any country in the structurethe world economy, economists are paying special attention to the level of labor productivity. It is understood as the amount of output produced per employee. For industry, labor productivity in Russia is about four times lower than in the United States.
There is another important evaluation category -sectoral structure of the economy. It is primarily evaluated the ratio between the number of people employed in the manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors. In recent years, labor productivity growth in developed countries led to the transition of a large part of the working population in non-production sphere. It is usually regarded as an indicator that indicates a high level of economic development. Russia has a high proportion of those industries that are engaged in the production, which suggests a lack of economic development.
The calculations show the rating agencies,that now Russia can not be attributed to the category of economically developed countries. The leading position of the country ranks only in some areas of economic activity. These include aircraft, space exploration, arms production, extraction of hydrocarbons.
Unfortunately, leading world powers are stillassign the role of Russia's huge mineral resources, the purpose of which is to provide the most prosperous countries most of moves resources. Change the status quo may seem, a breakthrough in the field of industrial production and high technology, which will allow the country to get out of dependence on natural resources and take its rightful place in the global economy.

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