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How is Russia in the global economy?


What is Russia's place in the global economy? </a>

Russia has a high economic potential, which consists of a broad resource base, the availability of vast territories and human resources.

However, in the modern world the country occupies far from the highest position in terms of the economy, yielding to recognized leaders on a number of important indicators.

The economy of Russia against the background of other states

One of the most important economicIndicators, which gives an idea of ​​the level of development of the country - the volume of gross domestic product (GDP). This is the total cost of all goods and services produced in the state for the year. Over the last decade of the last century, Russia's GDP has steadily declined, dropping to $ 650 billion. The country has sunk in this indicator by about the twelfth place in the world.
In terms of gross domestic product per capitaThe population of the Russian Federation in the 1990s was about half that of the states. The most developed countries in this respect - the USA, Japan and Switzerland - had no less than 20 thousand dollars per capita, whereas in Russia at the turn of the century this parameter was about 3.5 thousand dollars.
Recently, the situation in the economy of the countryBegan to level off. According to the regular studies conducted by the World Bank, by 2013 Russia managed to take the fifth place in the rating of world economies. Russia's GDP is now compared with Germany's GDP. On this indicator, the Russian Federation is still ahead of the United States, China, India and Japan.

Features of economic development in Russia

When assessing the situation of any country in the structureOf the world economy, economists pay special attention to the level of labor productivity. It is understood as the volume of output produced per employee. For the industry, labor productivity in Russia is about four times lower than in the United States of America.
There is another important assessment category -Branch structure of the national economy. Here, first of all, the ratio between the number of people employed in the production and non-production spheres is estimated. Recently, the growth of labor productivity in developed countries has led to the transition of a large part of the able-bodied population to the non-productive sphere. This is usually regarded as an indicator that indicates a high level of economic development. Russia is characterized by a high proportion of those industries that are engaged in production, which indicates a lack of economic development.
Estimations of rating agencies testify,That at the present time Russia can in no way be classed as economically developed states. Leading positions the country occupies only in some areas of economic activity. These include aircraft construction, the development of outer space, the production of weapons, the extraction of hydrocarbon raw materials.
Unfortunately, the leading world powers stillThey assign to Russia the role of a pantry of minerals, the purpose of which is to provide the most favorable resources for the most prosperous countries. Perhaps, the change in the current state of affairs can only be a breakthrough in the field of industrial production and high technologies, which will allow the country to emerge from dependence on raw materials and take a worthy place in the world economy.

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