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Ping - the time it takes to cover the distance information from one user to another.

The value of the ping can increase by factors such as delay in the user's PC, on the provider's server in the main lines, and others.

Ping - this time, to which the informationIt extends from the user's computer to the server and back or to another user's computer. Ping in some way connected with the internet speed, the lower the speed, the higher the ping.

What is fraught with high ping

The size of ping affect the quality of communication inreal time. This is especially true in the case where the unlimited mobile telephony or video conferencing option. Communication in "live" requires immediate dissemination of information from the interlocutor to the interlocutor, pre-buffering in this case is impossible. If the ping reaches a high value, there are noticeable delays, sound may "stutter" and even disappear for a while.

What affects the overall propagation delay

1; delay in the user's computer. This occurs most often when a large CPU and insufficient RAM. E. If the user during the conversation Antivirus scans files that is downloading from the Internet or looking in a large number of open browser windows, the flow of information from a video camera or a microphone may be interrupted.
2; Delay on the provider's server. Cheap web hosting can also cause such problems. If the provider is using outdated equipment, he may not have time to process the information packets as a result there is an additional delay.
3, server, which processes the information. Not all servers are able to quickly process video considerable weight.
4, Trunk line. All the information on the network is transmitted via fiber optic cable or over the air at very high speeds. The data channel signal travels at the speed of light, which is lower than the speed of light in vacuum. Especially because on his way met a large number of signal amplifiers and converters of light into electrical signals. Although routers servers automatically guides the flow of information in a less congested channels, do everything to solve this problem, it is still the overall complexity of the system can not create some delays.
5, is necessary to consider that the information from the server overcomes the same way in the opposite direction, moving the speakers or monitor to another PC or mobile device, overcoming the new delay.
"Pause" the interlocutorimpossible. Sound and video coming from it are not stored in the buffer files, and immediately come to the recipient. the possible delay of the signal is therefore cut with the help of some software tweaks are not possible.

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