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WHAT phantom pain

What is phantom pain

Phantom pain is severe pain, mechanisms of which have still not been studied.

Elimination of symptoms is a difficult task, and treatment is often radical and even leading to amputation of limbs and organs are exposed to this phenomenon.

The appearance of phantom pain

Usually phantom pain occurs after amputationlimbs, but the syndrome can develop, and often the removal of any organ. Sometimes phantom pain can arise, for example, after tooth extraction or mastectomy (mastectomy). Some experts use the term "phantom pain" in parts of the body that are completely denevrirovannymi, but not amputated. Today, there are about 40 treatment of the phenomenon, but none of them has been shown to be really effective. Only 15% of all patients recover from the syndrome.

Getting rid of the phantom pain

The study covers the problem of phantom painthe functioning of the peripheral and central nervous systems. Treatment of pain earlier conducted by the removal of nerves and operations on the spinal cord. However, this method proved to be ineffective and often only leads to increased pain. Today, the diagnosis and the subsequent elimination of the causes of phantom pain the method of recording of somatosensory evoked potentials (SSEP), which is monitoring the activity of the nervous system and allows you to track the source of the process.
Treatment of phantom pain is severeprocess, and because the majority of doctors are trying to simply prevent them from occurring. To prevent the occurrence of disease may be by administering anesthetics or morphine for 72 hours prior to the amputation surgery.
In the treatment, doctors try to eliminatefactors that influence the development of phantom pain (depression, stump neuroma). To get rid of pain is also applicable installation prosthesis, physiotherapy, which do not affect the recovery directly, but allow you to restore motor function that is required for rehabilitation. Controlling outbreaks of the disease is carried out using analgesics and anesthetic drugs. Some doctors have resorted to electrical stimulation of spinal cord and brain.


Phantom pain continues even after a fullhealing tissue that has been damaged during the amputation. Also, there are lots of patients, when clicked, which greatly intensifies the pain. These portions may even be located on the opposite side of the body. It is also sometimes marked spasmodic pain - it can either be exacerbated or attenuated to a sufficiently long period of time.

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