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What penalties are for perjury

What penalties are for perjury

As the saying goes: "From poverty or prison do not promise."

Each person may at any time be in court as a witness, victim or even the accused.

In any of these roles he will have to testify - to tell the facts about the court case, which it is party.

Before he starts to do it, it must warn about the existing criminal liability for misrepresentation and perjury.

Responsibility for the lie, the statutory

Article 51 of the Russian Constitution says that youYou may refuse to testify in a criminal case. This can be done if you do not want to give them against himself, his spouse and close relatives. By the close relatives Article 5 § 4 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation are spouses, parents, children, adoptive parents and adoptees, siblings, grandparents and grandchildren. In all other cases the court to assist in the investigation of the case - your civic duty. It is assumed that you are truthful and as accurate as possible must present all the facts known to you on the issue of interest to the court.
In that case, when you intentionally want to enterCourt misleading, for some reason, distorting the truth, it is called perjury and is a criminal offense. Article 307 of the RF Criminal Procedure Code provides for punishment for the act, thus equating it to a criminal offense.

As can be punished for perjury

The degree of punishment depends on the degree of damage,which was caused by your false testimony. After all, in fact, you let the normal activity of the court authorities, inquiries and investigations to obtain reliable evidence. Your lie has become an obstacle to establishing the truth and could lead to a miscarriage of the judgment, to violate not only the interests of justice, but also personality.
Part 1 of Article 307 punishesconscious lies in the investigation of a fine in the amount of 80 thousand rubles, other monetary penalties or forced labor, and imprisonment for up to three months. In the event of more serious damage to the investigation a crime qualifies under Part 2 of Article 307, in this case, you can be punished by imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years.
But the law provides grounds forthe release of persons who gave false testimony from criminal liability. Thus the base can be considered threats, pressure and intimidation on the part of third parties, other forms of compulsion in this crime. In addition, you can be exempted from liability if in the future, during the proceedings, hereby declare the falsity of your data readings. In passing sentence for perjury, the court will take into account your personality, the circumstances of the case and whether you already have a criminal record. If the conviction is removed, take into account the fact it will not.

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