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WHAT payments put pensioners

What payments are put pensioners

Elderly man quit his last job and retired.

Social services and pension funds, in which the pensioner is registered, are required to explain what it is now put additional social payments or compensation to the basic pension.

However, not all public servants perform their duties properly.

Because retirees should be aware of this information, and where to apply for registration of additional payments.



Additional payments to the pension receivedretired from the state, called the compensation (EKB) or regional social fee (RSD). These payments do not depend on what species belongs citizen's pension and from which organization they are paid.


Expect to EKB or RSD can bothnon-working pensioners and working. Of those retirees who are on disability of the first two groups, participants of Great Patriotic War veterans years 1941-1945. Also those pensioners who are employed are still at the office specified in the list of professions of the city government, which is home to the pensioner.


The right to receive additional payments are citizens who have received disability 3rd degree as a result of work on the elimination of the Chernobyl disaster.


Calculation of compensation or bonuses are determined by the amount ofindividually for each pensioner. Will be taken into account such things as the total income of all payments to the retiree-benefit recipients, whether he receives a monthly payment of the city of the region, whether the travel benefits, utilities, and other benefits.


To find out what payments are laidpensioner and for what amount he can count, what the conditions are for the monthly payments required to ask for advice from the bodies of social protection area, which is home to the pensioner.


After receiving advice pensioner willasked to write the appropriate application for the payment of additional cash or compensation. Attached to the application documents, official citizen, confirming its status, including pension certificate and other documents at the request of employees of social protection.

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