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WHAT paperweight

Standard paperweight

Paperweight literally translates as "pushing paper".

This subject, which press down the paper on the table, so they are not scattered and dispersed. In today's world paperweight is overdue.

A hundred years ago, in the era of fountain pens, it was an indispensable thing.

Description and purpose of paperweight

Paperweight correctly hyphenated, butsometimes found separate writing - paperweight. This is not a valid norm of the Russian language. Paperweight for centuries been used to press on the table svezhenapisannye documents. The ink should be dry well, not smeared or blurred. For this paper with text I had to lie down for a while in the open air on a gross basis. Draught, random motion may drop and damage the instrument. To avoid this, on each desk was a heavy figure of marble, glass or stone, which fixed the paper, simply pressing them to the table.

The most expensive contemporary paperweight created by the British. Tateossian company introduced a paperweight in the form of large pebbles with a small notch, decorated with gold and diamond dust weighing 60 carats.

Depending on the status and viabilitypaperweight owner was a simple, modest and resemble works of art. Graceful figurines made of precious stones or precious metals, decorated the tables of noble, rich persons. These were not just objects Office. Artfully made paperweight adorned the desk and the entire cabinet. This item is sold either individually or in a set with ink, pens and knife for papers.

History paperweight

History paperweight is rooted in the timesInk invention. Before the advent of blotting paper paperweight supplemented sandbox. Text sprinkled with fine sand to absorb the excess ink and accelerated drying of the document. In the 19th - early 20th century.

Spanish designers have created a studio Mesko disenopaperweight in the form of buildings. They are stripped of marble blocks. These figures - a replica of the ancient and medieval buildings. Their cost is hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There was a blotter and the blotter changed hisappearance. bench press expanded function. It began to produce in the form of a crescent with a handle and attached to it with blotting paper. The base paper is made of wood and the upper part remained space for creative artists. It was decorated with metal, precious stones, figurines. Use of such a thing was more practical, as he pressed the documents and remove any excess ink, accelerating their drying.

In times of universal recycling paperweight ceased to be a work of art. Office masterpieces gave way to simple practical things.

With the advent of ballpoint pen paperweightIt ceased to be a necessity, and soon turned into an ordinary desk decoration. In today's world it is a collectible. In the world there are more than two hundred thousand collectible paperweights. They equated to works of art.

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