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WHAT paint leather jacket

Leather jackets will have to paint the whole

Leather jackets can be worn for several decades.

With proper care, it is able to maintain an elegant look for very long.

But even in the ideal hostess of the jacket in the end there are scuff, and then there is the need to paint the skin.

Even if worn occupy a small area,jacket will have to paint the whole thing. Choose a new dye that would be fully consistent with the old, almost impossible. Areas painted with fresh paint, patches will appear. In many cases, you can do without color. For example, a white jacket, you can update milk, black or brown - coffee grounds, wrapped in a piece of gauze.
Is it worth it to paint a jacket on their own? If you live in a big city, you can take the product to a specialized workshop. Quite often, these services offer dry cleaning services. It is better if someone you know is already used such services. Ask whether its quality services arranged.
The inhabitants of small towns and select itemsusually there, so we have to solve these problems on their own. Think about what color you would like to paint a jacket. It is not necessary to repaint it radically, especially in dark colors in the light. The preferred colors are close to natural.
Go to the nearest authorizedshoe shop. Sold dyes for leather and in shops where they sell products made from this material, as well as in large hardware stores. You are sure to find several types of paint. It may be liquid, but also as a paste or an aerosol. The most qualitative considered Salamander dyes. Fits any paint, but the spray is more convenient to apply. But working with aerosols better outdoors. It is advisable to wear a dust mask or gauze bandage. To work with the paste or liquid paint such serious precautions are not necessary.
Try to paint a suitable color shoes. Carefully read the instructions. The product before painting, clean from dust and dirt. It is best suited for this purpose, slightly damp (in any case not wet) sponge foam rubber.
Regardless of which option youchoose, hang a jacket on a hanger so that it does not touch the floor. Paul and surrounding objects is better to close newspapers, useless rags or anything like that. As with the color of shoes, jacket, clean wet sponge. Spray the spray so that the paint covered the product evenly. We must work quickly. Wait until the coat has dried, and then repeat the operation.
Staining liquid paint - the process moremore time-consuming. It requires attention and care. Jacket prepare and hang the same as in the previous case. Paint brush, apply an even layer, let dry and repeat the procedure.
If you just want to freshen up the color, you canuse paste. Jacket in this case it is better to put horizontally. The paste is applied in the same manner as in the cleaning shoe. Prepare to be that the procedure will be repeated about once a month.

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