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WHAT overclocker

Result Action overclocker

Overclocker - the user, causing your PC to work at full capacity.

This improvement significantly reduces the service life.

Do not save even the use of a cooling system.

Overclocker - people overestimate the frequencyCPU is several times higher than its capacity on the passport. "Accelerate" machine can be due to the increase of the applied voltage, memory frequency or tire and install new drivers.
; Need for overclocking appears then,when bought a few years ago the machine becomes obsolete, and replace it with a new desire and is not possible. And then overclocker artificially improves the performance of your PC.

What types of "acceleration"

; When the factory as all the necessary accessoriesmanufacturer produces very little raising their parameters. The user provides acceleration action only the overclocker. It all will depend on already on the user's capabilities and desires. He can choose the minimum settings that are responsible for acceleration, or stop an automatic overclocking, through softinu BIOS or motherboard. Such acceleration involves an increase in the frequency of system bus without changing the other settings.
; With a reasonable method by significantlyincreases clock speeds before reaching the limit values. This machine can work for a long time in this mode, and not stopping. To realize the desires in life can be used as the BIOS, and software techniques. And you can, without further ado, armed with a soldering iron and change the frequency of the clock multipliers secondary devices accelerates together with the bus, CPU voltage, its architecture and special parameters specific chipset. In addition, the change in frequency can be subjected to the RAM, depending on the system bus, and timings. Often, the resulting "oven" requires reliable cooling system.
; In the extreme form of acceleration overclockerincreases the parameters of the computer to the transcendent values. Here, without the cooling system does not do exactly. For this purpose, use freon cooling liquid vacuum, liquid helium, liquid nitrogen, cascade systems, and others. But even that will not save the car from the need to replace of burning iron.

The downside

; This technical improvement requiresincreasing the voltage. Coupled with the rise in temperature reduces the life of the PC is directly proportional to an overestimation. Therefore, after a few years of such work will have to buy a new computer.

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