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What is an overclocker


Result of overclocker actions</a>

Overclocker is the user who makes his PC run at the limit of possibilities.

Such an improvement significantly shortens the period of its operation.

Even the use of a cooling system does not save.

Overclocker is a person who overstates the frequencyThe CPU is several times higher than its passport capabilities. The machine can be overclocked by increasing the supply voltage, memory or bus frequency, and installing new drivers.
The need for overclocking appears then,When the car bought a few years ago becomes obsolete, but it is not possible to change it to a new desire and possibility. And then the overclocker artificially improves the performance of his PC.

What are the types of "acceleration"

At a factory kind all necessary accessoriesThe manufacturer releases himself, slightly increasing their parameters. User overclocking provides only the most overclocker's actions. Here everything will depend on the capabilities of the user and his desires. It can choose the minimum parameters that are responsible for overclocking, or stop at automatic overclocking, acting through the motherboard or BIOS of the motherboard. Such overclocking assumes an increase in the frequency of the system bus without changing other settings.
In a reasonable way, the user substantiallyIncreases the clock speeds, not reaching the limit values. In this case, the machine can work for a long time in this mode, without stopping. To implement dreams in life, both bios and software methods can be used. And you can, without further ado, arm yourself with a soldering iron and change the frequency of the clock generator, multipliers of secondary devices accelerating along with the bus, processor voltage, its architecture and special parameters of a certain chipset. In addition, the frequency of RAM, depending on the system bus, and timings can be changed. Often, the resulting "stove" requires a reliable cooling system.
At extreme overclockingIncreases the parameters of the computer to out-of-bounds values. Here, without a cooling system, you can not do without. For this purpose, freon cooling, liquid vacuum, liquid helium, liquid nitrogen, cascade systems and others are used. But even this will not save the machine from the need to replace the burnt iron.

The other side of the medal

This technical improvement requiresIncreasing the voltage. Coupled with the rise in temperature, the lifetime of the PC is reduced in direct proportion to overestimation. Therefore, after a few years of such work will have to buy a new computer.

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