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WHAT oven better, gas or electric

What better Oven: gas or electric

As the gas and electric oven has its own pros and cons.

It is important to choose a model not only depending on your preferences, but also on the conditions of the apartment or house where it is planned to put household appliances.

When selecting the oven should be guided by such factors as the frequency of use, the condition of the house wiring, the presence of gas line in the building.

Characteristics of gas ovens

The principle of operation of modern gas ovensIt is equipped with two modes of heat without a fan. At the bottom of the heating gas is carried out through the work of the heating element, and on top - with the help of fixed gas or electric grill. Through convection food evenly baked through, but remotely resembling fried on coals.
Gas ovens are powered by supplied to the homeor gas from the gas cylinder. The use of electricity in them is minimal (for the electric ignition and lighting). So if your house of old construction, electrical repairs have not been performed and often power outages, the gas oven - this is the best option for you.
A significant advantage of the gas oven is its cost, user fees and repair costs.
Flammability of this type of oven is higher thanelectric, although minimized by blocking the gas supply system when you turn off the fire, heat resistant glass, non-heating door, etc.

Features electric ovens

Electroovens have four heatingelement from the top, bottom, side and rear wall. Thanks to the fan hot air is distributed evenly throughout the oven. This feature allows you to cook different dishes on several levels.
Electric ovens are more environmentally friendly andsafe in comparison with gas, because they do not emit combustion gases and water vapor. They also have greater functionality, allowing even novice mistress be able to realize their culinary masterpieces.
In addition, modern electric equipmentoven allows you to enjoy many additional options, such as steaming, grilling and spit, defrost food and cooking, depending on its weight.
A significant drawback of electric ovens is the high cost of the technology, a significant fee for electricity consumed and the complexity of repair.
The unequivocal answer to the question of what type of oven to choose, does not exist. After weighing all the pros and cons of each option, you will select the best decision for themselves.

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