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Like a better oven: gas or electric


Which oven is better: gas or electric</a>

Both a gas oven and an electric oven have their pros and cons.

It is important to choose a model not only depending on your preferences, but also on the conditions of the apartment or house where you plan to place household appliances.

When choosing an oven you need to be guided by such factors as the frequency of its use, the condition of the electrical wiring at home, the presence of a gas main in the house.

Characteristics of gas ovens

The principle of operation of modern gas ovensConsists in equipping two modes of heating without a fan. At the bottom, the heating is carried out by the operation of the gas heating element, and from above - by means of a fixed gas or electric grill. Thanks to convection, the food is baked evenly, but remotely resembles roasted on charcoal.
Gas ovens operate from a failed to homeGas or from a gas cylinder. The use of electricity in them is minimal (for electric ignition and lighting). Therefore, if your house is old, repair of electrical wiring has not been carried out for a long time and there are often interruptions with electricity, then a gas oven is the best option for you.
A significant advantage of the gas oven is its cost, user fees and repair costs.
The fire hazard of this type of oven is higher thanElectric, although it is minimized due to the system of blocking the gas supply when the fire is switched off, heat-resistant glass, non-heating door, etc.

Features of electric ovens

Electrohouses have four heatingElement from above, from below, from the side and on the back wall. Thanks to the fan, hot air is evenly distributed throughout the entire volume of the oven. This feature allows you to prepare different dishes on several levels.
Electric ovens are more environmentally friendly andAre safe in comparison with gas, because they do not emit combustion products of gas and water vapor. They also have great functionality, so even a beginner mistress can realize her culinary masterpieces.
In addition, the configuration of modern electricalOven allows you to use many additional options, such as steaming, grilling and spit, defrosting food and cooking depending on its weight.
A significant disadvantage of electric ovens is the high cost of the equipment itself, a significant fee for consumed electricity and the complexity of repairs.
A single-valued answer to the question of what type of oven to choose, does not exist. Having weighed all the pros and cons of each of the options, you will choose the optimal solution for yourself.

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