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What is ovarian dysfunction and how dangerous it is


What is ovarian dysfunction and why is it dangerous?</a>

Dysfunction of the ovaries is a disorder of theirHormone-forming function, leading to disruption of the menstrual cycle and the absence of ovulation. This pathological condition is dangerous not so much by its symptoms, as by remote consequences.

If you do not understand the causes of the hormonal malfunction and let things slide, eventually it can lead to the development of endometriosis, malignant neoplasms and infertility.

Causes of ovarian dysfunction

Common causes of hormonal disordersInflammatory diseases of the ovaries, appendages and uterus. They arise when the hygiene of the genital organs is not complied with, under hypothermia, with frequent syringing of the vagina, with the introduction of the pathogen from the intestine. A frequent reason is promiscuity in sexual intercourse. The hormonal background can be disturbed at endocrine diseases - illnesses of a thyroid gland, adrenals, a diabetes. Tumors of the ovaries, endometriosis, fibromyoma and cervical cancer also lead to ovarian dysfunction.
Nervous overstrain, stress, physicalExhaustion with excessive excessive loads, a sharp weight loss - all these factors have to disrupt the work of the ovaries. Excessive insolation, a drastic change in climate, and the intake of certain medicines are detrimental to the production of hormones.
Very dangerous artificial or spontaneousAbortion, especially during the first pregnancy, when the reproductive system is not yet fully formed. At this moment, the restructuring of the female organism, aimed at bearing the child, is severely cut off. There can be a stable dysfunction of the ovaries, threatening in the future infertility.

Symptoms of ovarian dysfunction

The main signs of this condition are irregularMenses, meager, or vice versa, excessively intense, bleeding in intermenstrual periods, a severe premenstrual syndrome, with pain and contractions. Absence of menstruation for several months, miscarriage or inability to conceive, male-type hairy-each of these symptoms is a serious reason for examining and consulting a gynecologist.

Consequences of ovarian dysfunction

Postponement of visit to the doctor and refusal of treatmentCan end with serious problems. Violation of the balance of hormones leads to miscarriage, miscarriages at an early age, ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis. Ovarian dysfunction can cause tumors, such as uterine fibroids, ovarian teratomas, cervical cancer and breast cancer.

Treatment of ovarian dysfunction

The complex of therapeutic measures includesRestoration of hormonal function of the ovaries, normalization of the menstrual cycle, correction of emergency conditions during bleeding. Hormonal haemostatic therapy is prescribed, in severe cases, scraping of the uterine mucosa is performed. To restore the menstrual cycle and prevent recurrent uterine bleeding, progesterone therapy is administered. In the future, combined contraceptives are appointed for several months. When a chronic inflammatory process is detected, infection is treated. Endocrine disorders are corrected by the appointment of specific hormone therapy. To stimulate immunity, the appointment of vitamin complexes, dietary supplements, homeopathic preparations is indicated. Important importance is given to normalizing the way of life, nutrition, physical activity. Modern methods of treating ovarian dysfunction can achieve regular onset of ovulation, so that a woman can conceive and bear a child.

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