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WHAT outlet with earth

What is a socket with earthing

Socket with earth in your home not only protects against electric shock.

The grounding makes a more stable operation of complex home appliances: washing machine, computer, video and audio.

Externally, a grounded outlet is different frompresence of a conventional embedded grounding clamps made of metal. In world practice, used a variety of options outlets designs grounding, but Russia was chosen this option, the staple. The choice is due to a structure in which the plug when connecting first contact terminals (clamps) designed for ground, only then - the phase. This type of device is called Shuko, or type F (CEE 7/4).

Why grounding

By this term is meant in electrical engineeringConnect the live electrical components, electrical appliances with earth. The main objective of the earth - from the electric shock protection. If any electrical potential goes into the ground, to protect the person. To ensure process using simple devices. Most often it is a metal rod, dug to a depth of at least 2 meters. Sometimes instilled several rods connected among themselves, - the higher the quality of the ground, the larger the total area of ​​contact with soil.
There is one more thing - a connection to the"Zero". This refers to the electrical contact housing (for example, electrical panel, a fixed-type power) to "zero" the wiring. This operation is necessary for the protection of electrical circuits. Ideally, the "zero", "earth" are connected.

Features a grounded outlet mounting

Such an outlet is installed in analogy totraditional device connectivity, but with the presence of three, rather than two contacts. One of the highlights of the installation - the colors of wires. Wire, originally designed for connecting a ground always has a yellow-green color. Wire at zero contact - the blue. The phase wire can have a different color, but in any case it will differ from zero and ground. Yet it is recommended to check the correct connection of the tester.
At arrangement of the ground in the private(Suburban) housing difficulties do not normally arise, but in the high-rise building problems can arise. There are 2 variants of the ground connection. In the first case, you can hold the wire to the body on the landing flap (it must be grounded). The second option - the connection of the ground wire, and the "zero". This option makes it possible to connect the RCD, automatic differential.

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