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What is a grounded outlet


What is a grounded outlet</a>

A socket with a grounding in your house not only protects against possible electric shock.

The presence of grounding makes more stable the operation of complex household devices: a washing machine, a computer, video and audio equipment.

Outwardly the socket with grounding is different fromThe usual presence of built-in earthing clamps made of metal. In the world practice, many variants of the designs of sockets with grounding are used, however in Russia this option was chosen with staples. The choice is due to the design in which, when the plug is plugged in, the terminals (staples) intended for grounding first come into contact, only then phase ones. This type of device is called Shuko, or type F (CEE 7/4).

Why Grounding?

This term in electrical engineering meansConnection of current-carrying elements of electrical installations, electrical appliances with ground. The main task of grounding is protection against electric shock. With its presence, the electrical potential goes to the earth, protecting the person. To ensure the process, simple devices are used. Most often this rod is made of metal, dug to a depth of at least 2 meters. Sometimes a few rods are buried, connected between themselves, - the quality of grounding is higher the larger the total area of ​​contact with the soil.
There is also one more concept - connection with"Zero". Here we mean the contact of the electrical equipment body (for example, the switchboard, stationary type electric tools) with the "zero" wiring. Such an operation is necessary to protect against the closure of electrical equipment. Ideally, "zero", "ground" are connected.

Installation features of the socket with grounding

This socket is installed by analogy withTraditional connection device, but with three, not two, contacts. One of the important moments in the installation is the coloring of the wires. The wire originally designed to connect the ground is always yellow-green in color. Wire for zero contact - blue and blue. The phase wire can have a different color, but in any case it will be different from zero and ground. Nevertheless, it is recommended to check the correctness of the connection by the tester.
When grounding in a private(Suburban) housing difficulties usually does not arise, but in a multi-storey house problems can arise. There are 2 options for connecting the ground. In the first case, you can conduct a wire to the body of the shield on the landing (it must be grounded). The second option is to connect the ground wire and the "zero" wire. This option makes it possible to connect RCDs, differential automata.

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