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When people talk about the lodge, it seems inadvertently architectural structure of the past centuries.

However, at the present time, this once popular extension back into fashion: modern wings more often can be seen in country houses and backyards.

Wing comes from the German flugel, thatliterally means "wing". The outbuilding architecture is called a secondary extension, which may be a part of the house or located outside it. Enclosed is created as a secondary element of the building, which is compositionally, it is functionally subordinate to the main structure.
In Russian, the word "wing" with timeIt has acquired a variety of synonyms - it pridomok and annexe, obochen wing, sometimes even house. Today, less outbuilding used as a room for living only in the warmer months. Most often, an outbuilding - a complete structure, equipped with heating, lighting, connected to utilities.

Why do I need a wing

This building remembers when thereneed more living space. In a wing of the manor type often equip facilities for staff (in the old workers). If the building is placed on the roof, it is used as a guest room or game. When planning the lodge, its construction on the finished building must take into account the structure of the style that the new building does not violate the overall composition, and as if it continued.
The modern wing is optionally constructed in the formsingle structure - architectural projects of the company are now offering multi-level buildings, which can be double or even buildings. All this gives the house personality both outside and inside (meaning layout).

Design features wings

One of the most common placesaccommodation wing - the roof of the house. Annexe can be scheduled in advance or to build on an already finished building. In the first case there is no problem, but if you plan to build a wing on the house built, you need to consider a number of factors:
- Design features kryshi-
- Number of floors, height of the building-
- The reliability of the walls, floors, basement.
It is not necessary to build a wing on itresidential building. Often, such an architectural element can be seen in outbuildings, garage and even a bath. It all depends on the preferences of the property owner. The easiest way to build additional living space on a flat roof or on the ground floor of the upper veranda. In the latter case, the need to partially glazing openings, to make the roof. If the conduct heating, insulate the walls, the roof, the building will be ready to receive the guests and in the cold season.

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