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WHAT otilchaetsya smartphone device

The otilchaetsya smartphone device

And smart phones, communicators and mobile phones can be called in the broadest sense of the word, ie, Both types of devices can be used to make calls without being tied to a wire.

However, between these two options, there are differences, which at first glance it is difficult to grasp.



Pay attention to the appointment of smartphones andcommunicators. Devices of the first type are used primarily for making calls, sending and receiving SMS, and are complemented by advanced multimedia functions, so use them to conveniently listen to music, see pictures, and even videos. Communicators also designed to work with files. They are complemented by a full-fledged operating system that allows you to install them on the various programs. With such devices, you can read a book, work with the file system, edit photos. In a way, the device can be called a mini-computer that can be used for calls.


Evaluate the appearance of the devices. Typically, a PDA display more than the smart phone. Comfortable and large touchscreen display simplifies viewing of video, web pages, read documents and typing. In the smartphone display is often smaller, it is less suitable for long-term viewing images so quickly tired eyes.


Compare the technical characteristics of the devices. As communicators are used to working with files and full-fledged applications, they are usually complemented by a powerful processor. In addition, the user can use multiple programs simultaneously, the developers increases the amount of memory devices. Smartphones are complemented by a "light" mobile applications, so some program or simultaneous launch files can slow down their work.


Note that the line between the last yearscommunicators and smart phones is becoming increasingly blurred, as the developers of both types of devices tend to make their products as effective and functional. If you can not figure out what species include specific device, take a look at the instructions in it.

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