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WHAT orally

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Orally - such a term can be heard from a doctor, he assigns the patient receiving the drug by mouth.

This method provides an optimal absorption of the drug walls of the stomach, but it is negative, the drug takes effect immediately, but only after some time.

Translated from Latin, it means per os through the mouth. This is how most of the drugs taken. In today's recipes do not use this phrase in Latin, the need for it anymore.

Why so

By tradition, the doctor prescribes a drug intakefunds through the mouth, this method is the most common, because many drugs are readily soluble under the action of gastric juice, providing optimal absorption of the walls of the body and the intestinal walls. Oral and shows the reverse situation - when the drugs are poorly absorbed the stomach. Good therapeutic effect of such treatment is achieved by maximizing the concentration of drug in the stomach, allowing successfully to treat diseases of the body.
But oral medications are not deprived ofdrawbacks. The most significant of these is the long time it takes before the start of the ingested pills. In addition, the bioavailability of the drug, that is, the rate of absorption and complete absorption of each person is different and depends on the age, the state of the gastrointestinal tract, the characteristics of the meal, and sometimes from the floor. Some drugs have very low bioavailability in themselves. Therefore, if the guide means to indicate that the bioavailability is 30%, it should look for any other drug or buy the same, but in another form, for example, suppositories.

Features of oral

In some cases simple oralimpossible, particularly for vomiting, syncope and infants. It is worth noting that sometimes taking medicines is not appropriate because of inside the creation of harmful metabolites, capable of inflicting great damage to the liver. The most rational to take oral medication in the morning, 20-30 minutes before breakfast. At this time, the body has no time to activate the secretion of digestive juices, so the greater the likelihood that the drug will not lose its activity due to their devastating impact.
Reduce the irritant effect on the drugthe stomach wall can be, if you drink plenty of water. And taken strictly on prescription or instructions, as some medications, such as tablets and capsules retard retard can not be crushed. In this case, may lose their properties. Some medications, eliminating one disease causes the other, so you need to take them under the guise of another agent. Assign it can only be a doctor.

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