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What operations did Michael Jackson

What operations did Michael Jackson

Recognized as the King of Pop Michael Jackson is not only famous for achievements in show business, but also a love of appearance change.

So disputes about how many plastic surgeries singer suffered a long walk.

Why Michael Jackson did surgery

According to psychologists, the famous singer is not justfond of change in physical appearance. He probably suffered from a distinct mental disorder - BDD. In this disease the person is very worried about the slightest physical disability. Dissatisfaction with their appearance can be expressed in depression, masochism, and even suicide attempts.
In recognition of Jackson, his father oftenHe mocked him and his brothers. He used to call them, beat and mocked flaws appearance. Baby complexes and could give rise to the singer thrust to external changes. By the way, according to some, contrary to widespread rumors, Jackson did not do operations on skin whitening. He simply suffers from vitiligo, which is expressed in the appearance of skin white spots.
Also, the singer has lupus symptomswhich are in a rash on the face. To get rid of the disease, Jackson took a lot of drugs that cause skin lightening. In addition, he always used a light makeup, masking blemishes.

Jackson Plastic surgery

singer suffered in 1979. The first operation. It was not connected with the desire to change the appearance - just poorly executed Jackson dance trick and broke his nose. The operation was not very good, and soon Michael went back to the surgeon. During the second operation, and he decided to change the shape of the nose, making it more sophisticated. Then followed the operation, adding a spicy singer dimple on his chin. Presumably, Jackson changed the shape and age.
He also was fond of non-surgical changesappearance - different injections, tattooing of lips and eyebrows, laser therapy, skin resurfacing, etc. The information on transactions carefully concealed, but Jackson's appearance changes could not go unnoticed. However, sufficient evidence of other surgical interventions there. A much greater role in changing the appearance of pop-king played his lifestyle, passion for drugs and a marked depletion.

Further changes in appearance

In the last years of his life significantly Jacksonchanged. He practiced a lot and hardly ate. Because of this, he weighed 50 kg with height 175 cm. Health and singer deteriorated after he was accused of child molestation. Jackson experienced a lot of stress, which fought with the help of analgesics, antidepressants and tranquilizers.
This gave serious side effects -exhaustion, hair loss, muscle atrophy. Jackson often appeared in public in a wheelchair, wearing sunglasses and a wig. But these changes in appearance were not associated with the operations, and lifestyle.

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