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HOW online stores you can trust

How online stores you can trust

Online stores with becoming every yearmore profitable kind of business. Almost every day in Russia every day opens a new store where you can buy the right product.

Among all such sites must be able to distinguish between resources that can be trusted with their money, from those that are designed to trick users.

Quality page

When you purchase goods online store keycharacteristics determine the level of confidence is the design and organization of the site. It is the resource itself and is the hallmark of the company. When choosing an online store need to examine the site carefully to see all pages and check the information provided by the owner. Only after a thorough inspection site can execute the order without doubt.

Reputation site

The key point in determining possiblethe level of trust online store is its reputation among users. Finding a new site, you must check it through the specialized services that collect information about these resources, display customer reviews and make it possible to view the data of the person to which the domain is registered. Among these services, it may be noted Webutation, iRecommend, Trustorg, WOT. Turning to one of these sites, enter the Internet address of the shop and click on the check button. Review the information, which has issued a search service system. Discover indicators such as the level of risk for the user, checking for viruses and reviews.

If a site has a negative evaluation and a high level of risk, do not buy it any goods.


Study design and the functional componentsite. It is important that the design elements have been arranged in their places, and we had the opportunity to view the products complete picture, which can be increased if necessary. The presence of a basket of goods, registration forms and full-featured office is also mandatory for an online store.

Information about the site

See our "Contact Us", "About Us", "pay""Delivery", "Terms of Use". Each online store should have these sections. In the "Contact" and "About us" shall include the name of the company, phone numbers, the name of the CEO or the manager, as well as the address of the office in which the company is registered. A particularly important factor is the availability of support services.

Preferably, the online shop around the clock customer order processing, but in some cases it is possible that the calls were made at least 5 days a week during working hours.

The sections "Payment" and "Shipping" readinformation on the service orders and payment systems, which operates an online store. Examine the delivery terms of orders. The undoubted advantage may be the presence of a free shipping to your region of the goods by courier or express mail.

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