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What is the Internet-surfing

What is the online resource

What is the online resource

The World Wide Web is replete with a variety of Internet resources and sites, by which is meant mostly the same. Internet resources can perform a variety of functions.

Therefore it is necessary to find out what they look like.

The concept and the emergence of Internet resources

The first of its kind website appeared in 1990, onIt had information about the World Wide Web technologies (WWW), HTTP protocol, and their features. Later on this site appeared, and links to other related web resources, so the first site and became the very first online directory. Founding Father HTTP, WWW, and the creator of which is impossible without modern Internet began to Tim Berners-Lee, the American programmer.
In the modern sense of the online resourceis a collection of electronic documents and files, combined with one IP-address or domain. All Internet sites (or online resources, which is equivalent) are located on remote servers from each other, the union of which is called the World Wide Web. That it brings together the various pieces of information from the network into a single unit.

Versions of Internet resources

All of them are divided on several grounds. Firstly, by the availability of its services. The point is that the resources of a particular site or may be open and free access (registration may be needed, but not always) or closed. In the latter case, you may need to invite (one-time invitation) or access fees.
The second criterion, according to which sites are divided intonetwork is its location. It can be access from the Internet, where absolutely anyone can get on the resource, either on the local network. In this case, access to the site is limited to a specific range of IP-addresses.
The most difficult criterion by which dividedInternet sites, is the division scheme of providing information to the user. There are the so-called Internet portals, which have a complex hierarchy consisting of multiple pages and include a lot of data. The portal can consist of many interdependent sites, united by a common theme, etc. Also there are information resources, most often they are devoted to a specific topic.
Individual attentionInternet presence and web services. The aim of the first is to provide information to users about any business, company, project, etc. Web services are designed to perform specific tasks in the ongoing technical development of the Internet (hosting, search, message boards, e-mail services, forums, etc.)

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