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WHAT internet tablet is better

Which tablet is best for Internet

Modern tablet computers have many advantages, but most of them are lost, if the tablet is not connected to the Internet.

You can not download new games, social networking, watch the latest news and find the relevant information.

In this regard, the question arises what the Internet is best for the tablet.

How to choose Internet Tablet - 3G or Wi-Fi?

There are only two options for connectionMobile device with a global network - 3G or Wi-Fi. Some tablets can connect to the Internet in both ways. When buying a tablet this aspect should be given special attention. If you are going to use the Internet mostly at home or at work, where there is an access point to a wireless network Wi-Fi, then buy a device with a SIM card is not required. But people mobile, constantly traveling, does not do without 3G.

Naturally, the speed of the Internet connection atvia Wi-Fi is much more, and pay for traffic at home do not need to. But as the wireless coverage in Russia is still quite small, on the road on the tablet without 3G connectivity, you can be left without access to the global web.

What is better for the mobile Internet tablet - MTS, Beeline and Megafon?

So, you have a need to connect to thenetwork via 3G. And it is quite natural that you do not know which to choose online. After all, different operators is not the same quality and speed of data transmission and reception, and in fees and prices in general, you can get confused.

In the three largest providers of mobile internet in the country (MTS, Beeline and Megafon) on sale there are special SIM cards, which provide access to the network.

To choose a tariff that will best meet your requirements, you need to decide how often and for what purpose you will use the Internet on your tablet.

If you are going to spend a lot on the netthe amount of time to download all kinds of files, view photos and videos, you'd better choose unlimited tariff. And if you need a tablet just to check email, browse the latest press news and view friends in social networks, the Internet will suffice with a limited amount of traffic. That rate is not unlimited, it says that after downloading a certain amount of data you will be without access to the Internet, as a rule, in such cases, mobile operators have only limited speed. But such tariffs will help to save money is not very active users.

To understand the Internet in a statement totablet better, you need to consider one more thing - the quality of reception in the place of residence. If you, for example, going on vacation, be sure to clarify this point.

You should also notice another featuretariff selection and operator, the SIM card is a better buy for Internet access from a tablet - roaming. So, if you are going to use the device with access to the network within the same region, then no problem. But if you travel a lot around the country, it is better to purchase unlimited calling, operating throughout Russia. The same applies to international roaming. To save money, before traveling abroad you need to check with the operator the ability to connect additional options.

All operators are currently availablespecial rates for access to the mobile network, so you can choose which Internet Tablet is better to connect to your specific case.

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