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What color do old movies

With the advent of new technologies old black and white films began to restore, making them color. Many fans did not like these pictures such updates as they become accustomed to the older versions.

Some people, on the contrary, took the decorated films are very bright.

How did color films

The first movies using colorsdate back to about 1900. Then the French director Georges Méliès began to decorate their ribbons using aniline dyes. The images became more luminiferous and sparkling.

Serial production has not been able to do, because each frame had to carefully trace the fine brush and a magnifying glass.

In 1931, a large laboratory was built in Hollywood, which began to create color movies. But the colors were too saturated, people are getting brown, sky - dark-blue, etc.

A truly colorful Soviet film appeared in 1936 under the name "Nightingale Nightingale."

The film "Nightingale Nightingale" is better known under the name "Grunya Kornakova".

Movies that made color

"Seventeen Moments of Spring" - old Art TV movie, filmed on the novel by Julian Semyonov. It consists of 12 episodes.

And the old and the new version of the film talk about the last job Shtirlitsa obtained from the Centre. All the action takes place in Germany to victory in the Great Patriotic War.

"Go to fight some" old "- the Soviet feature film by Leonid Bykov, released in color in 1974 and has collected almost 45 million cinema-goers.

The film is about a young man who wasdestined to experience all the hardships of war, first love and the pain of losing a loved one. The main characters were by no means old, but the command "go to fight some old people", they courageously rushed to the aircraft.

"Spring on Zarechnaya Street '- another previouslyexisting picture that remade in color. The entire film is imbued with a deep love of a young teacher of the school for working youth to his disciple - self-confident guy who works steelworker at the plant. Man tries to seem indifferent, yet does not understand that experiencing real feelings.

"Cinderella" - a movie that did color in 2009. It is the story of Cinderella, her wicked lazy sisters and stepmother. The painting was given not only paints, but also humor and even satire.

In 1947, the film-tale "Cinderella" grossed nearly 19 million viewers. kolorizirovan was commissioned by the "First Channel" in 2009.

"Volga-Volga" - a musical comedy that tells about the achievements of the USSR in the 1930s.

The protagonist has served ByvalovHead of small cottage industries. He wants to work in Moscow. One day, he was entrusted to prepare the participants to the amateur-Union review. Byvalovu seems that nobody goes to Moscow, but the city has two creative teams, each of which is sent to the Volga in Moscow on his way.

List of black and white films, which made color is far from complete. There are many paintings, each of which continues to please its viewers an interesting plot and vivid colors.

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