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How are their ointments treated with herpes?


What ointments are treated with herpes</a>

For the treatment of external manifestations of herpes, various antiviral ointments are widely used.

Popular drugs are Acyclovir, Oxolin Ointment, Levomekol, Zovirax, Panavir.

Treatment of herpes with external means

Ointments are the main means of treatmentHerpes, since they act directly on the affected skin. An effective drug is Acyclovir or its analogue Zovirax, which have very low toxicity. If the sore has just appeared, you need to immediately cover it with one of these remedies, and it will soon disappear. Oksolinovaya ointment works much longer, so it is used only for prevention or at the initial stage of the disease. A purulent sore will help to cure the ointment "Levomekol". It consists of two active substances - levomitsetin and methyluracil, which act directly on the focus of inflammation.

To the herpes virus does not spread to other areas, you can not in any case remove the dried up crust or open the vials.

For the treatment of neglected herpes, when appearWetting bubbles, can help an effective and safe remedy - "Zinc Ointment". This drug is not toxic, its overdose is excluded. They can be used even during breastfeeding. Harmless is considered and ointment "Panavir", it contains only plant extracts. This remedy is good at the initial stage of the disease. The doctor may suggest which drug to choose.
The selected ointment should be used within 5Days, if after 2 days of improvement does not happen, you should cancel it and pick up another one. The process of recovery can speed up the aids: zelenok, iodine, Fukortzin, fir oil, tea tree oil. Since ointments are used no more than five times a day, one of the above means can be used in breaks.

What ointment to treat genital herpes

For the treatment of genital herpes effective ointmentFenistil Pencivir. Its active substance is penciclovir. A wide use was also given to the "Gerpferon" ointment. It includes acyclovir, interferon and lidocaine. This ointment can be used in the acute phase of genital herpes, it is applied a thin layer on the affected skin areas up to five times a day. The course of treatment lasts up to ten days.

In the genital herpes can also be used "Gossipol", "Alpizarin", "Bonafon", "Triapten".

It should be remembered that all medicinesLocal action only suppress the action of the virus, not penetrating into the nerve cells, where the herpes, basically, is located. To increase the effectiveness of treatment, it is also necessary to take vitamins and preparations necessary to maintain the body's immune system

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