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WHAT ointments treat herpes

What ointments treat herpes

Various antiviral ointments are widely used for the treatment of external manifestations of herpes.

The most popular drugs are "Acyclovir", "Oxolinic ointment", "Levomekol", "Zovirax", "Panavir".

Herpes Treatment of external agents

Ointments are the primary means of treatmentherpes, because they act directly on the affected skin. An effective drug is "Acyclovir" or equivalent "Zovirax", which have a very low toxicity. If only there was a sore need it immediately spread one of these funds, and it will soon disappear. "Oxolinic ointment" operates much longer, so it is only used for the prophylaxis or early stage disease. Purulent sore ointment can help cure "Levomekol". It consists of two active substances - and Methyluracilum chloramphenicol, which act directly on the inflammation.

To the herpes virus does not spread to other areas, can not in any case remove the dried up crust or open blisters.

For the treatment of herpes running when there areoozing blisters, can help effective and safe means - "zinc ointment". This drug is not toxic, it eliminated an overdose. They can be used even during breastfeeding. Harmless considered and ointment "Panavir", it contains only herbal extracts. This tool is very good at the initial stage of the disease. Your doctor can tell you which drug is better to choose.
The selected ointment should be used within 5days, if after 2 days no improvement occurred, it should cancel and choose another. The healing process can accelerate aids: brilliant green, iodine preparation "Fukortsin", fir oil, tea tree oil. Because ointments are used no more than five times a day, can be used in between one of the aforementioned means.

What ointment to treat genital herpes

For treatment of genital herpes ointment is effective"Fenistil Pentsivir". Its active ingredient is penciclovir. Widespread use has also received the ointment "Gerpferon". It comprises acyclovir, interferon and lidocaine. This ointment can be used in the acute phase of genital herpes, it is applied a thin layer to affected areas of skin up to five times a day. The course of treatment lasts up to ten days.

With genital herpes can also be used "gossypol", "Alpizarin", "Bonafon", "Triapten".

Keep in mind that all drugstopical action only suppress the virus without penetrating into neural cells, herpes wherein substantially and stored. To increase the effectiveness of treatment is also essential vitamins and medications needed to maintain the body's immune system

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