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WHAT offense

What an insult

Resentment - it detonating cocktail of anger, pity and dashed hopes.

Offended man gradually destroys itself from within, scrolling in mind the situation, which has become a cause of frustration.

Why do people take offense?

Resentment - a feeling which absorbs humaninside. It is based on unreasonable expectations, self-pity and anger at the offender who committed unjust actions. People can take offense at anything, finding fault with "fate-villain", others and even themselves.
Psychologists say that this feeling comes fromchildhood - a child suffering from a lack of communication with family and friends, begins to take offense, thus, trying to provoke a reaction from others. The same can be said about the unsuccessful attempts of self-assertion, for example, adults did not appreciate the effort the child, not just praise it, etc. The child is offended, to change the course of events, to attract attention.
In the minds of a mature man offense occursresponse to the insult delivered, disappointment, ridicule, negative feedback, ignoring the requests, as well as the infliction of pain - physical or mental. Offended person wants to change his attitude, for example, longer considered his opinions and desires, showed more attention. Often, people will never admit it openly, preferring to show resentment nonverbal way: look, the reluctance to talk to the abuser, or even see him.

Why be offended harmful?

In fact, resentment - is deeply depressedanger, in fact, directed inward, not outward, so it is very destructive. With the ice of silence and contempt look offended person is trying to "punish" the offender, so he knew what was wrong and repented.
However, many times losing in the headsituation, the cause of the pain, "victim" in the first place, punishes himself. It would seem that the offense protect our self-esteem, but it is - a sham. It increases irritability, spoil the mood, makes seeing the world in black and white colors. Moreover, it often interferes with a painful feeling to think sensibly and make the right decisions.
If time does not stop the offense, it may beancestress of such feelings as revenge and hatred. Some medical experts say that chronic resentment can cause serious devastating diseases such as cancer and cirrhosis of the liver. Getting rid of this oppressive illness can be forgiven. By forgiving her abuser, 'victim' finds freedom.

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