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What numbers mean birth karmic debts

Some numbers obtained by adding the birth date numbers mean karmic debt

In numerology, numbers are considered to be some of the karmic debt.

It's 14, 16 and 19.

They are obtained by adding the digits of the date of birth.

For example, 02.01.1930: 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 3 = 16.

The concept of "Karma" can be explained as a "cause-effect". At present, science has not proved the existence of any karma, any multiple incarnations of the soul. However, their absence is also not proven.

A person who in the sum of digits of the date of birth14, 16 or 19, according to numerology, in past incarnations failed to fulfill any tasks that now hang over him as a karmic debt. It's not bad. This fact means that the person has to develop in a certain direction, to forgive, stop being angry and learn to be kind to yourself and the world around them.

So, 14 number of karmic debt is excessive.

People with this number in the past lives they ate and drank a lot, spend money on unnecessary items, ie, were consumer lifestyle.

Such people do not know the measure of anything, build grandiose plans without paying attention to detail. Efforts to implement the plans they do not want to look for easy ways.

The number 16 is considered the karmic debt karma selfishness.

In previous incarnations, these people casually treatto know, do not pay attention to their desires, their goals tied for first place. In real life, the human target, having a total of 16 digits date of birth, to become a good-natured and sociable.

These people have few friends or none at all, they are closed, hard to go to the contact, often hoard resentment.

Number of karmic debt of 19 in numerology is considered karma trifling.

In the past, the owner of this embodiment, the number of abused power, using people for their own purposes. To fulfill this duty, it is necessary to develop the ability to listen to others.

The man with the number 16 the desires of others seem silly and trifling, so he does not want them to take. He also likes to give advice and read morality.

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