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WHAT now popular baby gifts

What now popular baby gifts

To date, choose a gift for a child will not be difficult. The market is saturated with children.

Of these, the most popular can be distinguished.

To do this is to divide the gifts for girls and boys.

The most popular gifts for girls

One of the most popular purchases forGirls are musical dolls and soft toys. Today you can buy a child a interesting toy, like a doll, baby doll, which you can feed, bathe, change a diaper plant per pot.

This doll is also able to cry, laugh, speak different phrases, such as "Mom!", "I'm hungry!", "Let's play!", Etc.

Very popular now interactivetoys that can themselves move, make sounds, for example, if the rabbit, the fyrchit, blinking eyes. Children delighted with these gifts. Do not concede to them a place and a radio-controlled toy - dogs, dinosaurs, etc.
Often girls as gifts are askedVarious accessories for your favorite dolls - carriages, houses, beds, cupboards. You can fully equip kitchen for dolls, which will teapot, and toaster, and stove, and all that is in the modern kitchen. Next in popularity is a children's beauty salon for girls from 4 years. This dressing table with different accessories: rezinochki, combs, hair clips, toy sweet, shadows, spirits, etc.

At about the same frequency sets are purchased for children hairdresser or doctor.

The most popular gifts for boys

If you need to buy a gift forBoy, remember that the most popular gifts for them are remote control toys - cars, planes, helicopters, ships, and even sharks. Of course, the car will be safer than a helicopter.
Very often in the boys bought a giftrailroad, especially with all sorts of ups and twists and turns, as well as various designers. Next in popularity is to provide boys favorite transformers, which are conventional or radio-controlled. It should be called and the large-sized cars. These include various mixers, fire trucks, garbage trucks, all kinds of tractors, trucks, truck cranes. Among them are those which open the door, leans body, attached toy repair kit car.
By the way, no less popular and child maintenanceworkshops, representing a table with a variety of tools. Of course, it should be noted toy gun. You can buy a model with sound, and lighting, and lightsabers, and water pistols. Species very much.

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